What Number Will Micky Van de Ven Wear at Tottenham?

Have you read the latest on the Micky Van de Ven transfer fee? Tottenham has gone in hard for this Dutch defender, and subject to Van de Ven passing his medical this week, he will be a Tottenham man before we know it. However, while there is a fair bit of certainty behind this statement, one area that has people confused is what the Van de Ven Tottenham shirt number will be. As is the case whenever a player is transferred in from another club, fans and media always speculate on what shirt number will be unveiled.

Micky Van de Ven Tottenham

Of course, there are many pundits that have an idea of what the answer to this question will ultimately be. Yet having done the research and looked at the facts, I feel there are only a couple of probable options. On that note, let’s now look closer at the possible shirt number for Micky Van de Ven at Tottenham right now.

Van de Ven’s Tottenham Shirt Number – Most Likely Outcomes

Micky Van de Ven has been a VfL Wolfsburg man since 2021. Therefore, he has been there since the end of his teenage years, and he has always worn the number 5 shirt at the German club. Now, the problem with that is that the number 5 shirt is already taken at Tottenham. The number 5 shirt is currently worn by Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – one of Tottenham’s main men in the center of the park. So with the number 5 shirt out of the running, what does this leave us with?

Well, I believe that the following two options might materialize once Van de Ven is presented to the Tottenham fans with his new shirt number:

Number 27

The first number that we might see for Micky Van de Ven is 27. In fact, I believe that this is the more feasible of the two options presented here, and I say that for two reasons. Firstly, Tottenham pulled in Pedro Porro during this transfer period, and he has been added to the defensive lineup as number 23. So if Tottenham was to group the numbers together for new signings in the defensive lineup, the next available number would be 27. 

Secondly, Tottenham has all but retired the number 26 for shirts, as this number hasn’t appeared since Ledley King retired from the squad back in 2012. Additionally, all other numbers from 23 to 30 are taken. Therefore, if we follow a process of elimination, it seems like 27 would be the new number for Van de Ven’s Tottenham shirt.

Number 74

Should number 27 not be a goer for whatever reason, while number 74 might seem a little strange, there is a fair to strong chance that this will be next in mind. Now, I haven’t plucked this number from thin air, so stick with me while I explain. If we look at the top five arrivals for Tottenham this summer, two of these guys have been given shirt numbers in the 70s. Specifically, James Maddison has been given shirt number 71, while Manor Solomon has been given shirt number 72. 

Logically, you’d assume that the next signing could then take number 73, but this one is taken by Destiny Udogie. Subsequently, this leaves shirt number 74 available as the next in line.