VIDEO: Who Would Make Catalonia XI?

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Catalonia went to the polls on Sunday to vote in an independence referendum and the ensuing scenes of violence made headlines the world over.

With the Spanish government claiming the referendum was illegal and refusing to accept the outcome, the future of the region is far from clear cut.

Meanwhile, Barcelona's game against Las Palmas was played behind closed doors at the Camp Nou on Sunday with Ernesto Valverde's men running out 3-0 winners in front of 98,000 empty seats.

So we ask the question: what would happen in the event of Catalonia splitting from the rest of Spain and what would that mean in a football context?

A Catalan national team already exists but, as they are not recognised by FIFA or UEFA, they cannot enter into qualifying for any tournaments and are restricted to playing friendly fixtures.

Catalonia last played in December, losing to Tunisia on penalties after drawing 3-3 in normal time. That was a strong team which included three Barça players in its number.

So who would make a Catalan team? Watch the video above to see who we'd include.

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