Most interviews with football managers follow the same well-trodden path with the same cliched and mundane answers. That isn't true of Liverpool's Jürgen Klopp, though, and it definitely wasn't the case for his latest interview with keen Reds fan Loyd Wildridge.

Loyd's desire to grill the German manager was granted by the Make-A-Wish foundation and Liverpool Football Club, and the meeting recently took place at the club's training ground, Melwood.

“I love him feeling happy. His voice. Whoopee! When we score,” Loyd said beforehand. “You get off your seat and jump around.”

Loyd was accompanied by his mother, Helen, who spoke about her son's spirit and enthusiasm, particularly when it comes to Liverpool.

“When he was six he acquired brain damage which was caused through undiagnosed Encephalitis,” said Helen. “He got put into an induced coma and when he came around he just regressed.

“He was just a child that couldn't sit up, he couldn't walk, he couldn't talk and he was tube fed. Ten years on and his spirit is just amazing. He's conquered it all really, and he's a little miracle.

“Loyd's a massive Liverpool fan. He watches it all the time on the television.”

Klopp gave some interesting answers to the questions in what was a very upbeat interview during which they discussed favourite drinks, colours, and Liverpool players.

It was a refreshing change from the usual press conference grillings the manager receives, and it showed the lighter, better side of football and how it can affect people's lives in a positive way off the pitch.