Karim Benzema has come in for plenty of criticism this season with Real Madrid fans – and plenty of neutrals – concerned he isn't up to the level of other top strikers from around Europe.

With Harry Kane, Luis Suárez and Robert Lewandowski regularly score more than twenty goals a season for their respective clubs, many Madristas have run out of patience with their own No.9.

In the latest episode of Three Minute Myths we look at whether Benzema’s contribution has indeed been sub-par.

Whilst Benzema has been a step below his peers in raw goalscoring terms, there’s a bit more nuance to be had in analysing his overall contribution (particularly given he plays alongside a goalscoring mammoth in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo).

The Frenchman, it turns out, does offer an outlet going forward. But not in the way that a traditional No.9 might. And it’s this unique form of contribution that makes him, at least according to this week’s Three Minute Myths, a valuable asset to Real Madrid – despite his low goals tally.

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