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The increased money in the game and the ever-brightening media spotlight means that football managers at the highest level are under more pressure than ever. And sometimes they crack.

Media training and their own better instincts will often guard against a coach going off on a rant against refereeing decisions, the press, rivals bosses, governing bodies or the powers that be at their club. But there are occasions when managers lose their cool and unable to hold back.

Whether it's Kevin Keegan's infamous “love it!” rant, Rafael Benítez's “fact” countdown or a typically foul-mouthed diatribe from Joe Kinnear, managers unleashing their fury is often extremely entertaining, creating memorable moments that punctuate a season.

Recently, in a press conference ahead of a Champions League game against Spartak Moscow, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp's ire was piqued by a question about whether his players “love” him. The German manager decided a line had been crosses and walked out.

With Klopp's storm-out as our inspiration, we put together this video compiling some of the greatest managerial meltdowns during press conferences of all time.

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