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What's the most efficient way to build a squad? How do you make the most of your transfer budget? Which Premier League sides need analytics the most? In the latest episode of our Science of Football series, we speak to author Chris Anderson, who can answer each of those tricky questions.

Working alongside David Sally, Anderson runs a consultancy firm that offers a variety of services to individuals and organisations involved in the professional game. By applying maths, the pair have worked to identify the most efficient ways of optimising team performance.

He offers his thoughts on where Liverpool might be best placed to spend money in the transfer market, and where they might have been going wrong in the recruitment strategy they have pursued over the last few seasons.

Similarly, Chris is able to explain, at least in part, why Manchester City have been performing so well this season, in light of their deals over the summer.

If you enjoyed today's episode, then we'd recommend checking out last week's interview with Omar Chaudhuri, who was well-placed to offer insight into the minutiae of footballing business.

He explained why certain takeovers (such as that of Newcastle) might take longer than others.

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