Trevoh Chalobah Bayern Munich transfer: What’s the latest?

Trevor Chalobah, a 24-year-old Center Back for Chelsea, is in high demand from the Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich. While yes, the 11 PM Friday deadline is rapidly approaching, leaving just hours to go if a deal is to be completed, he is now at the top of the list in terms of Bayern Munich transfer targets. But will the Trevor Chalobah Bayern Munich transfer actually be done in time? Well, there are a couple of hurdles that must be overcome and a couple of details that must be ironed out before a Bundesliga transfer is completed.

Trevoh Chalobah Bayern Munich Transfer

For the moment, Bayern Munich is trying to bring Trevor Chalobah to the club on a loan deal. However, this doesn’t appear to interest Chelsea. Instead, Chelsea wants to force Bayern Munich to make an official transfer bid as opposed to a loan proposal. But they won’t let Trevor Chalobah go for less than £50 million, which is potentially far more than Bayern Munich are willing to stump up for this central defender.

With this in mind, there are a few specifics of the potential Trevor Chalobah Bayern Munich transfer that you need to know as we move further toward the deadline of 11 PM.

Bayern Munich transfer for Trevor Chalobah – a pipedream or a likely deal?

As is the case with any potential transfer move, there are a few ins and outs that are holding up a possible Trevor Chalobah Bayern Munich transfer right now. And speaking of which, it’s important to be aware of these intricate details to know whether a move is likely or whether it’s dead in the water. Therefore, I’d like to share these key details now.

Trevor Chalobah does want to move to Bayern Munich

One of the main reasons why a move is still likely is because Trevor Chalobah has stated that he does want to move to Bayern Munich. If he didn’t, especially with Chelsea remaining on the fence over his transfer, this move would never materialize in time for 11 PM.

The injury to Wesley Fofana has put the deal in doubt

While Trevor Chalobah’s public intentions to join Bayern Munich are promising, there is also a flip side to the coin. As you might be aware, one of Chelsea’s key defenders, Wesley Fofana, has picked up an injury that could see him sidelined for months. So with Fofana out of action, there’s a chance that Chelsea doesn’t want to play things too fast and loose by selling one of their best options at the back.

Possible catalysts due to Axel Disasi and Levi Colwall

Fofana’s injury might have prompted apprehension in the Chelsea camp, but other players have been stepping up in recent weeks. Specifically, Levi Colwall and Axel Disasi look like they are working well together. And Chelsea may feel confident enough in the abilities of these two guys to sell Trevor Chalobah.

Bayern Munich still trying to replace Benjamin Pavard

From Bayern Munich’s perspective, they still need to bring someone in to fill the absence of Benjamin Pavard. And so far, they’ve not been able to do so. Therefore, I believe that as each hour passes today, Bayern Munich will become more and more desperate, and this could lead to the requested transfer fee being offered for Trevor Chalobah.