Rams vs Bengals: Who is the betting favorite to win the 2022 Super Bowl?

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Rams vs Bengals – a quick overview

On February 13th, 2022, the Rams will take on the Bengals to see who will be crowned Super Bowl champions. Of course, this is the conclusion of the NFL season. And sportsbooks all over the nation are getting excited about this one. This is reflected in the many Rams vs Bengals markets, the general Super Bowl odds at top sites, and the growing number of bonuses. The Rams are the favourite to win this one, especially since the game will be played at their home stadium.

The Rams are expected to win for a few reasons. They had a better regular-season record, their team lineup is better than the Bengals, and it’s their fifth Super Bowl. They also made the Super Bowl game back in 2018, as you may recall. In contrast, the Bengals somewhat scraped into the playoffs following their regular season. Their record isn’t quite as good as the Rams, and it’s their first Super Bowl appearance since 1988.

The game will get started at 6:30 pm, Eastern Time, and it is sure to be a classic. And with the game just a few days away, you can already get your bets placed!

Who is the favoured team to win the Super Bowl in 2022?

Many people have been asking the question – who is now favoured to win the Super Bowl since these guys both made it through? And as addressed above, according to most bookies, the Rams vs Bengals game should result in a Rams win, on paper. They have the better team, the better season record, and the franchise has more experience with the Super Bowl in general. With that said, let us run through these reasons in a bit more detail before we continue:

Rams star players

If you look at the lineups for both of these teams, it’s obvious that the Rams have a superior squad. In terms of the most prolific players, they have Matt Gay, Odell Beckham Jr, and the veteran, Matthew Stafford. While these are just three of the star players, they have arguably had the most influence on the Rams 2021/2022 performance. And this actually shows a current trend with the Rams, which has helped them to be so successful this season.

They have a great blend of youthful energy alongside the experience. And as we all know, when it comes to the Super Bowl, you need both if you are to get over that finish line with a win.

Playoff results

Looking at the performances of both teams in the playoffs, we would say that the Rams have needed to beat tougher opposition. Of course, during the playoffs, they managed to beat the 2020 Super Bowl champions – the Buccaneers. This was all the more impressive given that they held their nerve when it came down to the wire. And in addition to this victory, they also beat the Cardinals and the 49ers, two formidable teams. In contrast, the Bengals beat the Titans, Raiders, and Chiefs, in impressive fashion, we cannot deny.

But looking at this from an average perspective, the Rams did need to overcome tougher obstacles to reach the 2022 Super Bowl.

la rams vs cincinnati bengals

Home advantage

This is a huge reason why many are shooting for a Rams win as one of their main Super Bowl betting tips. Interestingly, this is the second season in a row that the Super Bowl game will be played in the home stadium of one of the participants. This is fairly rare, so the fact that it has happened twice in succession is pretty staggering. But nevertheless, it’s a major influencing factor for who might win the Rams vs Bengals game.

With the Rams being able to compete at home, they will naturally have the most support out there. Sure, the Cincinnati Bengals won’t be without support, but the difference in noise from both ends will be clear. And when it comes to crunch time, this additional support can have a big impact.

La Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals picks

After covering the Super Bowl overview and looking at some key statistics, let’s now run through some picks for the game. Note that all of the following picks can be made at the top sportsbooks in the nation!

Rams to win

If you’re looking for something that would be viewed as a ‘Super Bowl best bet’, this is probably the one. Everybody is expecting the Rams to win on February 13th, and the odds aren’t too shabby for the moneyline market. At most sportsbooks, the odds are floating around the 1.50 mark. So hypothetically, if you made a wager on this one, you’d get if they won. Naturally, nothing is guaranteed in the Super Bowl. But this is the most likely outcome according to professional pundits, and our own opinion too, of course.

Rams spread

If you’re not content with simply picking the winner for the game on Sunday, you can always go for a spread bet. Again, we expect that the Rams will be the dominant team during the game. So for that reason, a spread option is still a good shout. Looking at most sportsbooks, the average spread is around -4.5 for the Rams. This means that the Rams must win by a margin of at least five points. Obviously, this is a riskier play than simply backing the moneyline market.

However, the Super Bowl betting odds for this one are higher, at 1.90, on average.

Cooper Kupp – anytime touchdown

If you’ve been following the NFL this season, you won’t need an introduction to Cooper Kupp. He has been awesome for the Rams throughout the 21/22 season. And for the Super Bowl game, we believe he will definitely score a touchdown at some point. Most sportsbooks are offering this market too, with odds floating around the 1.60 region. Assuming he remains fit throughout the game, it would seem unlikely that he fails to score a touchdown in the Rams vs Bengals game.