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Referees are the perfect pantomime villains for the Christmas period. No matter what they do, they will never be the good guys. The most they can hope for is a sarcastic cheer when it's deemed they've made the right call.

Regardless of how many good decisions you make, you are one bad move away from a backlash.

Going into the festive period, where friends exchange cards and you continually hope that cheque from grandma hasn’t been lost in the post, we've tracked the number of cautions handed out by Premier League referees.

In our video above, we have picked out the most lenient and strict referees in the Premier League – the only cards you never want to receive.

West Ham United have been awarded the most yellow cards, with 41 before the Christmas period, while no one can hold a candle to Watford’s four red cards.

Amazingly, seven Premier League clubs have yet to pick up a straight red. Crystal Palace seem the luckiest, earning 35 yellows without having a man dismissed.

So, who are the referees you want to avoid over the festive period, and who will be keeping their hands in their pockets?

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