SBK Grand National Offers 2023

Let us dive right in and start highlighting the main bonuses at SBK!

Bonus & Offers details
Deposit £10 Get £10 in Free Bets

New UK, IE & Malta customers only. Min £10/€10 first deposit using Debit Card. Place a bet of £10 at min odds of 1.5. Free bets expire in 90 days. Full T&Cs apply.  18+.

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

SBK Grand National Offers 2023

As some of you will know, there is a fantastic betting exchange operating in the UK known as Smarkets. But while this platform is an exchange, the guys behind Smarkets have since created SBK – a top-notch online sportsbook. And if you have yet to join the SBK army of customers, you are in the perfect position to get your hands on numerous SBK Grand National offers. That’s because you can make the most of both the new customer offers and the existing customer offers. Believe us, there is plenty to get through, and time is an important factor here.

If you are to secure the Grand National betting offers at SBK, you need to act now! The Grand National is just a matter of weeks away. And the various SBK bonuses that relate to this event need to be claimed before March 14th, 2023. This is the day that the Grand National race will take place. The event will be here before you know it. But we have a feeling that once you’ve seen the SBK Grand National offers below, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action.

Sign up bonus – the first of the SBK Grand National offers you can claim

Before you get into the specifics of this, we must stress an important factor. The sign-up bonus is reserved exclusively for brand new customers. This means that if you already have an SBK account, you will need to seek out the other Grand National betting offers mentioned in the next section. However, if you are not yet an SBK customer, you are in the perfect spot to make use of a great bonus. Right now, those who sign up with the SBKMAX promo code can secure £10 in free bets ahead of this race. The code must be entered when registering if you are to qualify!

Now, beyond the registration requirement with this code, there are a few other things to take note of. After signing up, you will need to deposit funds with the use of a debit card. Other payment methods have been excluded from counting towards the offer. So it’s better not to risk it and just stick with an approved method. In terms of the deposit minimum, it stands at £10, and this is where the offer gets even more appealing.

Other Grand National betting offers ask that you wager funds before receiving free bets. This is not the case with SBK. In fact, once you deposit £10 with a debit card, £10 in free bets will automatically be added to your account. You actually have complete flexibility concerning how you use the free bets too. That’s because you can stake £10 on a single market if you want. But you can also stake three separate bets worth £10 each – it’s completely your choice.

Once the free bets have been added to your account, you have 90 days to use them too.

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Existing players – the current SBK Grand National offers available

There are two categories of SBK Grand National offers, as touched upon previously. The first category has now been covered above. Of course, this relates to sign-up offers that are only available to new punters. The second, however, brings us to our next topic of focus. SBK is a site that certainly likes to reward punters in both categories. And actually, there is a better variety of Grand National betting offers for existing players. All of this is displayed below through the various SBK Grand National offers.

Exclusive Specials

This is something that we have seen time and time again when it comes to the Grand National. And while this isn’t necessarily part of the Grand National betting offers at SBK, the value created works in a very similar fashion. With the specials markets, SBK has picked and created some unique betting options for you. These are always more exciting to take a punt on than the main markets, in all honesty. But here’s where the value comes into the picture. The odds issued for these specials markets are usually much higher than mainstream options.

Of course, the bigger the odds the more you stand to win if the bet pulls through. With this said, SBK is still creating the full range of specials, at the time of writing. But in the meantime, you can still redeem the SBK Grand National offers and then hold back a free bet if you like. This way you’ll be prepared for when the full specials list is released.

Enhanced Odds

We’ve just mentioned the impact that better odds have on your potential profits above. But separate from the specials markets, SBK has multiple markets for the Grand National that have simply been given a pump. You can browse all of those at your leisure on the SBK betting app. Just look for the lightning bolt symbol and you will know that this is one of the boosted options! In addition to this, it seems you can use the free bets resulting from the SBK Grand National offers to take a swing on these markets.

Even if the bet doesn’t ultimately result in a win – you’ve at least given yourself the best shot at maximizing the possible returns.

Extra Place Incentives

Instead of offering free bets or price boosts as part of the SBK Grand National offers, here the site is offering a wider chance of gaining a win. When you back a horse to place, usually, it must finish inside the top three to result in your wager winning. However, for larger races, it’s quite common for bookmakers to offer payouts for an additional spot. So instead of your horse needing to finish inside the top three, now it can finish inside the top four and you’ll still receive a payout.

Sure, this doesn’t mean that your bet is less riskier, as it is when you wager with free bet tokens. But it does increase your chances of getting a win if you choose to go down this route.

Free Bets

Compared to the previous SBK Grand National offers, which we know are already in place, this one is a little more speculative. Of course, you can bag free bets through the existing new player offer. But for existing customers, it doesn’t seem quite that concrete. In the past, SBK has issued free bets conditionally, meaning that you can receive such tokens if your horse fails to finish, doesn’t start (ante-post betting only), and through other scenarios too. However, we expect that SBK will hand out free bets following certain qualifying wagers too.

This information is yet to be made 100% official. But based on SBK’s main competitors, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if this materializes.

SBK's top features to go with the Grand National betting offers

At this point, we would hope it’s clear that the SBK Grand National offers are pretty significant. However, these guys have so much more to offer than just solid bonuses. So for that reason, we feel it’s necessary to make you aware of some of the premium features you can expect from SBK. Without wasting any time, here they are:

Betting tips

Here is something we found at SBK that many bookmakers don’t have – not in the traditional way anyway. When you jump onto the SBK mobile platform, you’ll see a flame symbol and a title of tips. Many bookmakers provide free tips through their blogs, but SBK doesn’t do it this way. Instead, you can actually see what the hottest bets of the day are, and you can follow the wagers of the most successful punters on the site. Of course, you may then use the SBK Grand National offers to back these markets if you desire.

We’re not just talking about a few tips here either. SBK has quite literally hundreds of tips you can follow, and we expect more to emerge as the Grand National comes closer.

Parlay picker

This is certainly something unique to the SBK platform. In the main sportsbook, you’ll see a sort of shuffle symbol, which does highlight how this feature works. Naturally, with a parlay, or an accumulator as it’s called in the UK, you are adding various markets into the same bet. It can take time to fish out these markets and find value in all of them. For that reason, SBK has developed this time saving and exciting tool. When you hit the parlay shuffle button, SBK will randomly present you with a parlay bet.

You can even set out how many legs you wish to have in the accumulator wager. Again, this isn’t strictly part of the Grand National betting offers, but it’s a fantastic feature!

Streaming services

It’s one thing betting on the Grand National, as millions do every single year. But besides actually betting on the event, another thing that punters crave is accessing streaming for the race. Therefore, we are proud to announce that SBK does indeed offer streaming. In fact, these guys cover all major the UK and Irish horse races each year. And with the Grand National being arguably the biggest race of the year, it goes without saying that this is included.

The streaming quality is extremely good too, with crisp visuals and smooth video streams if you have a good internet connection.

SBK grand national offers

Customization tools

Finally, we’d like to also mention the customization tools that SBK has. These are great as it allows you to alter the appearance of the app to suit your preferences. This includes changing the colour theme of the app, adding your favourite sports, setting preferred wager values, and other things too. When you customize the app, you will find your way around quicker than before, and the whole thing will then be set up for you to bet as you please.

Much like the other features mentioned, the Betfred Grand National offers also have similar offers that you can claim.

SBK Grand National offers FAQs

Will SBK have more Grand National betting offers as the event comes closer?

We cannot say for sure. However, based on previous years, we wouldn’t be surprised if more offers emerged over the coming weeks, yes.

Is there a way I can be notified of SBK Grand National offers?

Yes, you can actually be notified as soon as fresh Grand National betting offers are released. Simply sign in and head to settings. From here, you can turn on push notifications or opt-in for marketing communications.

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“name”: “Is there a way I can be notified of SBK Grand National offers?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Yes, you can actually be notified as soon as fresh Grand National betting offers are released. Simply sign in and head to settings. From here, you can turn on push notifications or opt-in for marketing communications.”

What are the criteria requirements for ‘new customers’?

If you are to qualify as a new customer, you must be a brand new SBK member. This means you can’t have previously held an account, and you cannot currently have an open account either.

Must I risk a lot of money to grab these Grand National betting offers?

Not at all. In fact, you don’t technically need to risk any money whatsoever. That’s because the sign up offer only has a £10 deposit requirement, meaning you don’t need to place an eligible wager.

How does SBK compare to other sites with their offers?

Compared with other top makers, the SBK Grand National offers are fairly competitive.

On what platforms can I claim the SBK Grand National offers?

You can only claim the offers we have mentioned through the SBK mobile app. That’s because SBK is a mobile-only betting site.

Must I verify my account prior to securing the offers?

It’s not technically necessary for you to verify your account before grabbing these offers, no. But it is good practice to verify your account shortly after registering.

Until when can I claim the Grand National betting offers provided?

The offers we’ve talked about here can be claimed right the way through until the Grand National is held.

SBK Grand National Offer – how it helped in the 2022 event

In case you needed a refresher, the SBK Grand National offer led to £10 in free bets to be used for the 2022 race. If you joined SBK as a new customer prior to the race, you no doubt secured all of the benefits of this bonus. But let’s get a little specific now to show you how the offer should’ve assisted. And if you didn’t claim the SBK Grand National offer for 2022, you can always grab it for the 2023 event!

The betting offer

By nature, when you wager with free bets, you can take a punt without worrying about risking your own cash. Given that the SBK Grand National offer led to £10 in free bets, this showed fair value to use for the Grand National markets. In fact, since the offer could be split into three different bets, you could have made use of this advantage on three separate occasions.

Flexibility combined with value

The SBK Grand National offer wasn’t the only bonus available for this race. There were many other bookmakers that had similar bonuses available. But there was one particular area where SBK really separated themselves from the rest, and this area was flexibility. Rather than limiting your wagers to simply win, lose, or place, SBK let you use the free bets for all kinds of special markets and other unique options.

We firmly expect that such flexibility will be a factor for the 2023 Grand National offer on this site too.

What markets resulted in a win for the SBK Grand National selections?

It goes without saying that the only markets that paid out were the ones that pulled through on the day. And on that note, let us quickly recap what went down in the 2022 Grand National and what markets wouldn’t result in a win:

Noble Yeats – 50/1

The biggest winner of the day, quite literally, was Noble Yeats. Amazingly, this horse pulled through at odds of 50/1. If you backed him, well done! But even if you took him as an each-way option, you’d still have won the bet!

Any Second Now – 15/2

As you can see from the odds, Any Second Now was a heavy favourite to win the race. Ultimately, the horse was beaten by Noble Yeats, and he finished second. But again, those who backed the horse in the easy markets secured a win here.

Delta Work – 10/1

Behind Any Second Now, narrowly, Delta Work was listed at odds of 10/1 before the race started. But like the other horses mentioned here, the SBK Grand National markets still paid out extra places (up to five). So for the each-way wager, Delta Work still pulled through with a win.

Santini – 33/1

The biggest each way winner of them all was Santini. Not many people would’ve backed Santini given the odds in the SBK Grand National markets. But if you did, you would’ve gained a magnificent return on your bet.

Fiddlerontheroof – 12/1

Finally, Fiddlerontheroof pulled through in the each-way selections by finishing in fifth place on the day. This was the final spot according to the SBK Grand National offers, and the return was narrowly higher than Delta Work!

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