Sahara Games Promo Code 2023: Free Bet on your First Deposit!

Sahara Games came into Nigeria in 2017 as Yangabet, however, the site did some rebranding which resulted in a name change to Sahara Games. To help you understand the services rendered by this site and how to apply the Sahara games promo code, this article will broach the necessary topics.

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What can be obtained with the Sahara Games Promo Code?

A welcome offer is one of the ways most bookies use to appreciate new bettors who sign up with their platform. This is also typical for Sahara Games too. As a new user of Sahara Games, you are eligible for a welcome bonus after registering with your Sahara Games promo code. The Sahara games code is linked to the free bet offer you get after making your first deposit.

To get the first deposit bonus via the Sahara Games promo code, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the main Sahara Games Nigeria website
  2. Click on the human icon by the top right of the screen and select register on the dropdown menu
  3. Enter your phone number, password, email, nationality
  4. Click on Step 2
  5. On the new page that pops up, enter your first name and last name
  6. Specify your gender
  7. Enter your date of birth, city, and address
  8. Click on the bonus selection and specify the Sahara Games promo code you want to apply
  9. Click on Go to confirmation
  10. Follow through with the confirmation

Now that you are done signing up an account using the Sahara Games promo code, here are some of the conditions attached to the bonus:

  • This bonus is only available for new users only
  • You don't get the free bet if you don't make a deposit
  • You are expected to make a minimum deposit of 2500 NGN
  • You are expected to use that amount to stake on a game with minimum total odds of 2.4 or higher
  • Once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements, the free bet will be added to your main account
  • Sahara games reserve the right to make adjustments to the terms and conditions

sahara games Promo code

Sahara Games Football Betting Markets

It is common knowledge that football is the most dominant sport in Nigeria. This understanding fuelled the site's resolve to focus more on football, whilst offering other betting markets. Upon opening the football section, the top leagues of specific countries make the top 10 list. This comprises England, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc. After the top leagues, you will find the other leagues lined in alphabetical order, with Algeria starting the count. Having understood how dominant football is in Sahara Games, you are bound to find numerous games across different country leagues at the site.

Another super exciting thing about the football betting markets at Sahara Games is the fleet of betting options available per game. With most games under the top leagues, you are likely to find over 700 betting options. These betting options are not exclusive to 1X2, Totals, Double Chance, etc., you are also likely to find special options like Penalty scored, over time, and a whole lot more. Given the flexibility of betting options guaranteed on this site, your winning potential is boosted by a wide margin. Mainly because you don't have limited options.

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Other Betting Options

Away from football and other sports that are a staple on the site, there are numerous betting options available. The Sahara Games casino section is a whole different space entirely with a truckload of options. If you are more of a casino enthusiast, you are likely to have a pleasurable time at this section. The casino section is categorized into different categories, this is to make it easy to find games in each category.

The categories include New, BlackJack, Scratchcard, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, and Video Slots. For each category, you are likely to find as many as 100 games. It would also suffice to add that there is no special casino welcome bonus that you can get via the Sahara Games promo code.

Another wholesome section of the site asides from Casino and Sports is the Virtual Section. This section is fully packed with short-time games with impressive winning potential. The virtual section of this site is one of the richest you can find around when compared with what's attainable with other sites. In the virtual section, you are going to find games like football, dog races, horse races, spin2win, golden race, and a whole lot more.

sahara games Bonus code


Is the site reliable?

Sahara games have been in existence for about five years now in Nigeria and so far they have worked their way to make a name. The betting company is registered and licensed by the Lagos States Lotteries Board and its reliability cannot be questioned. So far, they have shown they are dedicated to providing excellent service and there haven't been any major complaints against them.

Is the Sahara games promo code necessary to get the welcome bonus?

Yes. The Sahara games promo code is very key to ensuring you get the bonus. This explains why in the process of registration, there is a button where you are to select the Sahara games bonus code you want to use. Failure to use the Sahara games bonus code could result in you not getting the welcome bonus.

Can I cash out the welcome bonus?

As we have already stressed so far, every new user is entitled to a welcome bonus after registering with the Sahara games bonus code. To cash out the proceeds from the free bet offer, you are expected to fulfill the wagering requirements as specified in the terms discussed earlier. Once the terms have been fulfilled, the proceeds from the free bet will be available in your account for withdrawal.

Is it possible to cancel a bet?

No. Once you have placed your bet, there is no way you can cancel it. This is one of the main reasons why it is advisable to proof check your slip before placing that bet. Because once the bet has been accepted by the bookie, there is no going back from there.

How can I place a bet at Sahara games?

To place a bet at Sahara games, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Sahara games Nigeria website
  • Click on the human icon by the top right of the screen and select Log In from the dropdown menu
  • Enter your login details and access your account
  • Make a deposit
  • Click on the sports tab by the bottom left of the screen
  • Select your preferred sport
  • Look through the different competitions available in that sport
  • Select your games
  • With every selection you make it adds to your bet slip below
  • Click on the bet slip icon below
  • Enter your stake
  • Click on Place bet.

What are the maximum odds on any bet slip?

Betslip has a slight restriction on the maximum odds that you can bet at the bookie. The maximum odds that are allowed to be bet on at the site is 2000 odds. Anything above that will not be processed.

What is the maximum payout?

The maximum payout that's allowed on the site is 1,000,000 NGN. This implies that you can not win or withdraw more than that amount.

What's the minimum and maximum stake per be

The minimum stake per bet is 100 NGN. The maximum stake is 40,000 NGN. Staking anything below or above the set limits will not be processed by the site.

What happens when I forget my Login details?

The fact that you lost your login details doesn't mean you have no chance to access your account ever. The solution around it depends on the problem. If you can remember the username but not the password, simply click on the forgot password option when trying to log in. You will be directed further via your mail on how to change your password. If on the other hand, it is your username that you've forgotten, simply reach out to customer service via [email protected]

What's the minimum age for betting at Sahara games?

The minimum age for betting at Sahara games is 18 years. This is one of the reasons why the date of birth is one of the data required in the process of registering an account with the site.

Is it possible to change my username?

No. Once you have generated your username and signed up for an account with Sahara games, you cannot change it again.

sahara games Promo code

What happens if the Sahara games promo code doesn't work?

It is very rare to make use of the Sahara games bonus code provided while registering yet you don't receive your welcome bonus. If you don't get the welcome bonus, it could imply that you didn't apply the Sahara games bonus code. However, if you used the Sahara games bonus code and you still don't get the bonus, simply reach out to the customer service. Find more bonus offers with 22bet promo code.


Sahara games are one fine betting platform that aims to please and this reflects in the numerous packages that they offer. Firstly, the site features a very easy-to-navigate design with green and yellow as the primary colors. Given how well aligned the icons are on the screen, it is very easy for anyone to find their way around it.

The site also scores some points by providing a mouthwatering welcome bonus that can be assured via registering with the promo code for Sahara games. There are other bonus offers for existing users that do not require any promo code for Sahara games. This wide range of bonus offers gives both new and existing bettors on the site a better shot at winning.

The game offerings at Sahara games are very impressive. It is exciting to see that bettors are not just stuck with sports alone. They can as well try their hands on other game types like casinos and virtual games. With this wide range of game offerings available, there is likely something for everybody, regardless of your preference. Sahara games also deserve some accolades for providing helpful features like cash out, live betting, etc. These features help to assure a smooth sailing betting experience.

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What could be improved on

While it has been established that Sahara games have done more than enough to earn their salt as a good betting platform, there are areas that need some work. Firstly, the limit set at the maximum payout is too small. For a betting platform, one that's in rival to other top betting platforms, 1,000,000 max winning payout is way below the standard. This could be a possible deterrent for bettors that are considering betting at the site.

Especially for bettors who are looking to win way higher than that amount. Also, Sahara games need to ensure that more payment options are provided to avoid reliance on just a select few. It is common to see sometimes that some payment channels can be faulty at a particular time. If those are the only payment channels available, it puts the bettor in a disadvantaged position and they may likely miss their game. To avoid this from happening, providing more options in terms of payment seems to be the way to go.

Sahara games have proven to be a very noteworthy betting platform. Having discussed this far about the packages offered, that point is already well established. Though there are some minor flaws, we believe those can be looked into. This site meets the mark of what we expect from an online betting platform, and we rate it 96%.