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Gareth Barry's participation in West Bromwich Albion's game against West Ham United at the Hawthorns in the fifth Premier League game of the season drew the former England international level with Ryan Giggs at the top of the division's all-time appearance chart.

Throughout the years, numerous fantastic players have come and gone, from Cristiano Ronaldo emerging at Manchester United, Arsenal’s game-changing development of Thierry Henry and wonderful English strikers like Alan Shearer at Newcastle United.

However, several players, who may not be as glamorous, have lasted the test of time and gone on to play more than 453 Premier League games, which puts them in the top 20 players in terms of appearances since the 1992/93 inaugural campaign.

But can you name all of them? In our quiz below, you have eight minutes to recall each of the top 20 appearance makers in Premier League history.

Some you will get straight away, but there are many surprising names in there too.

We’ve given you the player’s nationalities, it’s up to you to remember their names.

This is a test of your Premier League knowledge and memory. Let Football Whispers know how you get on by sharing your score with us.

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