QUIZ: Name The Club From Their Pro Evo Alter-Ego

It's one of the big debates that has raged through the years. Are you a FIFA player, or do you prefer Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)?

For a long time, PES was the choice of the purists, the game where you played proper football and not the arcade version offered up by EA Sports.

However, over the years, the flash, slick, impressive look of the FIFA juggernaut took over and Pro Evo has been playing catch up ever since.

2017's version of Pro Evo was a return to form for the Konami game, and PES 2018 is rumoured to be another step in the right direction.

One of the biggest issues with PES was the lack of official licence. It's one thing to have Ligue 1 and a few Serie A clubs, but having Man Red take on Barcelona just didn't have the same appeal.

With more sides added, the bizarre names just kept coming and it has always been the one black mark against the game.

Now, it's a running joke and some of the names of teams have gone down in legend.

But how well do you know them. Can you spot Spurs from Fulham, or Stoke City from Sunderland?

This is your chance to show off and pick out the English clubs from their Pro Evo alter-ego.

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