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Watford have scarcely been out of the headlines since the Pozzo family bought out previous owner Laurence Bassini in 2012.

Whether for their loan army, relationship with Udinese, revolving door of managers, forged letters or being ‘everything that's wrong with modern football', per Daily Mail columnist Martin Samuel, being a Hornets fan is never dull.

In the six years since Giampaolo Pozzo and son Gino took over the Hertfordshire club, the Hornets have gone through ten head coaches, won promotion to the Premier League and stayed there for the first time in their history.

Supporting that success have been numerous players. Some iconic, some completely forgettable.

So we've listed every signing of the Pozzo era; a who's who of Watford players in the last six years. For clarity, we've only included each name once. So if a player joined on loan prior to a permanent move, they will only be included once.

And, to avoid complication and controversy, only first-team signings announced by the club are included. So that means Juanfran and co. have been excluded.

You'll need to turn your ad blocker off to play the game and you've got ten minutes to recall 98 Pozzo era signings. Good luck!

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