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FIFA ratings are a serious business for fans and players alike. Like it or loathe it, they inform so much about the way actual football is seen that they cannot be ignored.

On Friday the latest edition of EA Sports' best-selling game will be available for consumption.

Apart from the raft of new features, tweaks to gameplay and return of popular modes such as Ultimate Team and The Journey, one of the most eagerly anticipated facets are the player ratings.

The players themselves are obsessed, frequently – as in the case of Michy Batshuayi – tweeting EA to register their displeasure at their score on a certain attribute or their overall rating.

So it's a big deal. There's no denying that. With that in mind we've compiled the information on the Premier League's top-rated player per club, according to FIFA.

There are some pretty obvious ones in there but there are a few from left field. You've got five minutes to guess the top rated FIFA 18 player, or players, at each top-flight team.