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Since its inception way back in 1992, the Premier League has become one of the most multinational leagues in the world.

Fans have been enthralled by stars from across the globe. But no country, apart from England, has produced as many household names as France.

Countless players have made the short journey across the Channel, with varying degrees of success. Some have won multiple Premier League titles, others have returned with reputations left to rebuild.

However, the majority leave a lasting impression, either good or bad. So we thought we would put that notion to the test and ask Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur fans if they can remember the Frenchmen that have represented their club in the Premier League.

Many of the players will instantly come to mind, and we've given you one of them in the picture above: Thierry Henry. But others will not be so memorable and you will have to rack your brain to remember all 80.

The challenge is on. You've got ten minutes to recall as many of these French players as possible. It certainly won't be easy.

Let us know how you get on by tweeting us at @FB_Whispers. We'll retweet the highest scores, but no cheating! Oh, and if you're using AdBlocker, please turn it off as the quiz won't load correctly.

Good luck!

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