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The magic of the cup. It’s a phrase you hear time and time again whenever there are FA Cup fixtures to be played.

The competition is the oldest in world football, having kicked off in 1871, and there have been 44 different winners of the competition.

The first final was held in 1872 and saw Wanderers beat Royal Engineers at the Kennington Oval, two clubs that no longer exist.

But we want to test your knowledge and see if you can recall winners from years gone by.

We’re going to be kind to you, though, and limit it to winners from the last 100 years, with 92 different finals due to gaps for the World Wars.

You’ll be much more familiar with the clubs that won, rather than trying to rack your brain for the likes of Old Carthusians or Clapham Rovers.

You have 31 teams to recall, and ten minutes to do so. Some will naturally come to you, whereas others will definitely be a bit harder.

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