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Over the years the Premier League has been graced by a number of talented Brazilian players, but there have also been a fair share who've failed to make any kind of impact.

However, secure the right signing – as Middlesbrough fans would testify to thanks to Juninho – and a side can instantly be transformed with a sprinkling of South American flair.

The Premier League's top six clubs have brought in several samba stars over the years.

In total 44 have turned out in the top flight for either Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. A couple have even played for more than one of England's elite.

But can you name them all? In the quiz below you have nine minutes to name every Brazilian that has appeared in the Premier League for one of last season's top six.

Several will immediately come to mind but there are many whose careers in England were instantly forgettable. Only the most ardent of top flight aficionados will recall all 44. (And Rodrigo Possebon doesn't count as he chose to represent Italy!)

Let us know how you fare by sending us your score on Twitter. You can also like us on Facebook. You will need to disable AdBlocker to play.

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