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To date, 302 hat-tricks have been scored in the Premier League since it's inception back in 1992. The first player to score a treble was Eric Cantona for Leeds United during their 5-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in August of 1992.

Some players manage to shed their one hat-trick wonder title and go on to do it multiple times. One player, who won't be named for obvious reasons, managed to achieve the feat on 11 occasions. The next person after him has nine. So as you can see, some prolific players have turned scoring a number of goals in a single match into an art form.

We've put together a quiz looking at the 53 players throughout Premier League history to score more than one hat-trick in the English top flight. You have 15 minutes to get as many as you can but be warned, there are some names in there that will be a throwback. You may even have to look for your old sticker books in an attempt to jog your memory. Good Luck!

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