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Sports psychologist Dan Abrahams has worked with England and other top players and clubs who are trying to gain the smallest of advantages to secure victory.

We sat down with him to discuss how psychology can have a huge impact on the game, its future in the sport but also its limitations in the latest Science of Football episode.

Abrahams discusses how he hopes to ‘demystify' his profession and explains how sport psychology goes from laboratory to training ground and, ultimately, the pitch.

He also talks about the fluidity of football and the role psychological coaching, alongside technical and tactical work, can play. He adds that helping a player find the right mental state can be key to coaxing an extra five per cent out of their performance levels.

Sport psychology within football is an increasingly important field, and Abrahams is at the forefront. With the best teams competing on more of a level playing field, any edge that can be found can prove pivotal – he works to find that edge.

To watch our full interview with him watch the video above. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with your friends via social media.

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