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Premier League footballers lead extravagant lifestyles. There are no longer signs of these elite athletes hopping on the bus beside the common man on their way to training.

No, it's all Lamborghinis and mansions these days. As the pay packets of Premier League stars get thicker and thicker, the disconnect between football and reality only intensifies.

Not all of them are picking up £290,000-a-week like global superstar Paul Pogba. Some of the English top-flight's most recognisable faces are actually on fairly modest mages compared to Manchester United's flamboyant Frenchman.

Using the word ‘modest' may seem faintly ridiculous, but thumbing through the figures yields quite a few surprises. Some players, you could argue, are stealing a living by warming the bench on astronomical wages. But others certainly deserve a raise thanks to their contributions on the pitch of late.

And while the ever-increasing wages of footballers are a sore point for supporters – who are footing the bill, let's not forget – watch the video to find out which five players don't earn as much as you think.

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