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Once foreign players infused the Premier League with panache, guile and a little va-va-voom, the English top flight was never going to be the same again

Unique characters from all over the globe have graced England’s top-flight, and with the game expanding across UEFA’s reach, 33 different European countries have been represented since it’s inaugural season back in 1992.

Eric Cantona, Dennis Bergkamp and Jurgen Klinsmann were game-changers but others have arrived and gone on to emulate their countrymen.

And we've picked out the top goalscorer from each European country to have a player arrive in the Premier League. All you need to do is name them, which we promise you is certainly harder than it looks.

Take the quiz below and let us know your score, by tweeting us at @FB_Whispers. And challenge your friends and family, who are definitely not getting 100 per cent!

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