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Andre Villas-Boas didn't like statistics, Carlo Ancelotti and Paul Clement were disciples, Fernando Torres cost Chelsea far too much and Liverpool's John Henry is the “ideal owner” of a football club.

That's all according to Garry Gelade, who worked at Chelsea in their fledgling data analytics department for over four years between 2008 and 2012, .

Garry is a Cambridge graduate who turned to sports analytics ten years ago, proving there's no such thing as “being too old” when it comes to embracing the new wave of data-driven analysis which continues to change the way we consume football.

In this insightful and revealing interview, Garry talks about the extent to which his work at Chelsea was appreciated, the “ideal” owner – John Henry of Liverpool – and the ways in which he perceives football to have changed over his time within it.

Gelade is clearly more open to new technologies than many half his age, and the time we spent with him proved as much. Make sure you subscribe to Football Whispers to receive a notification when the next episode of the Science of Football series arrives.

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