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There are two types of football fan: Those who know who you mean when you say Ronaldo, and those who think you're referring to Cristiano.

If you're anything like us, you think football was better in the ‘good old days'. And when we say old days, we're talking about the 1990s. No social media, no wall-to-wall coverage and no £500,000-a-week pay packets.

It was a simpler time. Everything seemed mystical, exotic and just a little bit more special. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima fitted that bill. Ronaldo. R9. Ó Fenómeno. Whatever you called him, he was the 90s for so many football fans.

He had it all: pace, power and a range of deadly finishes. His speciality was going round the keeper before tucking the ball into the empty net, but he genuinely scored all types of goals.

In the first episode of Football Whispers' brand-new nostalgic podcast, You, me and…, join host Tom Bodell and freelance sports journalist Ryan Baldi to discuss one of the most iconic players of the 90s.

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