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Paripesa App Download for Android and IOS in 2024 – Install in less than 3 minutes

The Paripesa  app is readily available to every Nigerian bettor seeking a personalised betting experience. And what's more, it is compatible with both Android and IOS unlike many Nigerian apps out there.

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to download and install the Paripesa app in simple steps, its specific requirements for Android and IOS and the best features. You'll see our expert opinion on why you may pick it over the mobile and desktop sites.

Is Paripesa a safe betting choice for Nigerians? – How well can you trust the app

Paripesa is a legit betting platform licensed by the Nigeria Lottery Commission. Whether you're in Ibadan, Onitsha, or Abuja, this platform is safe for placing your bets. And if it's the casino you want to visit, you can trust that too.

Paripesa app download

Although it was founded in 2019, the bookie only started operating in Nigeria in 2020. Since then, it has grown to become a well-acclaimed bookie in the Nigerian betting industry. We can say it's because of the company's modern style of operation. Or maybe it's the numerous bonuses available on the site. Whichever one it is, Paripesa has made a name for itself in Nigeria.

As for whether you can trust the app or not, rest assured! The mobile site is encrypted with modern technology. So, you can expect the same for the app.

How to download Paripesa app – The complete installation process

The Paripesa app works well on Android and IOS. So, you can easily get the one that's compatible with your device. The only letdown is while the IOS version is available in the Apple Store, you'll have to visit the Paripesa website to get the Android one. Nevertheless, you'll have no issue downloading it with our expert guide below.

Paripesa app download guide for Android users

The Paripesa app is currently unavailable in the Google PlayStore. However, you can get it without stress. Here's how.

  1. Launch the Paripesa website on your mobile browser
  2. Tap the three-line icon at the bottom right of the screen to open the menu

Paripesa app download

  1. You'll see MOBILE APPLICATION right at the top of the screen. Click “Download for Android

Paripesa app Android download

  1. Choose where you want to download – the downloads folder or wherever is convenient for you

Install Paripesa app

  1. Wait for it to finish downloading – this should be instant. However, you may experience delays if your network is unstable.
  2. Once downloaded, you'll get a pop-up asking if you want to install the Paripesa APK. Choose “Install” to confirm. In case you fail to get the automatic pop-up, just go to the location you picked for download. You'll be able to install it from there.
  3. App installed? click open. There, you can now find the Paripesa APK on your home screen!

You might need to change your phone's permissions settings before installation. However, that's only if your device is set to disallow installations from unknown sources. Either way, you can check by following the steps below.

  • Look for settings on your home screen

Paripesa app for Android settings

  • Open and scroll through the options
  • Click “Security”. For Samsung devices, it is listed as “Security and Biometrics”.

Paripesa app for Android Biometrics

  • Tap “Unknown sources” or “Unknown apps” whichever you see

Paripesa app for Android

  • Finally, check if it's set to install from unknown sources. If it's not, tap to change.

Despite the number of steps listed above, downloading the Paripesa app for Android is fast. It took me 45 seconds to download it from the website and exactly 2 minutes to finish installing. That's about the same time you would spend to download from the Google PlayStore.

The Paripesa app download process for IOS users

For IOS users, you need not fret. You can find the Paripesa app on the Apple Store. Moreover, the process is straightforward. You just need to

  1. Open the Apple Store from your home screen.
  2. Type “Paripesa app” in the search bar.
  3. Once it shows up, press “Get to install”.

Download Paripesa app for iOS

That's it! You're done in three easy steps. You can also go through the official website if you like. Just tap the “Download for IOS” link and it'll lead you straight to the app. That way, you don't need to search for it in the Apple Store.

What's next – Register and login on Paripesa

After downloading the Paripesa app, you must log in to utilize the features. But, of course, that's if you already have one. If you don't, you'll need to register and create one. Not to worry, it's super easy. Just follow my lead.

First, open the app. You'll see the Login and Registration buttons at the top of the screen – one in yellow and the other in blue. Select the one that applies to you.

For the registration, you'll need your username and password. Perhaps you've forgotten your password, simply click “Forgot password”. The bookie will send you a new one. No need to try creating another account.

On the other hand, you'll need to submit your details if you're creating a new account. Fill in each field with the correct information and feel free to use the Paripesa promo code FWPESA.

Register your account on Paripesa app

Enter to get the sports welcome bonus of up to ₦150,000. Then, click Register to submit the form. Afterwards, you can log in to the Paripesa app to explore the various betting markets.

Paripesa app system requirements and compatibility

Although the Paripesa app is compatible with both Android and IOS, you still need to watch out for certain requirements in your device. An example is the software version. If your device doesn't meet the required software version for the Paripesa app, you'll experience difficulties downloading it.

Other things to watch out for include your storage space and mobile data. Ensure you have enough. Also, ensure your Internet connection is stable.

I carried out a survey on the Paripesa app's compatibility with different devices and the following table shows the results.

Operating System
Compatible Devices
Software Version
File Size
Latest App Version





iPod touch

Apple Vision

iOS 14.0 or higher

iPadOS 14.0 or higher

MacOS 11.0 or higher




Android devices

5.0 or later



Paripesa's best app features: Why you should download the app

You may be wondering if the Paripesa app is worth downloading. To help you decide, I've highlighted the app's best features below. Read to see what the app has to offer.

Do it yourself with the Paripesa Bet Builder

Unlike many other betting apps, the Paripesa app offers a bet builder. You can pick multiple events and markets to form a single bet. Even better, your bet will be independent of the outcomes from the individual bets.

For example, let's look at the screenshot below. It contains three different events in the 2024 UEFA EURO. But with the Paripesa app bet builder, I could create a new bet using the three. How? Let's label the events A, B, and C.

Use Bet Builder on Paripesa app

Pitch Germany from event A and Hungary from event B against Croatia from event C. Just like that, I've customised a new event. Now, I can bet on either of the options.

If I bet on Croatia. It means they have to score more goals in their match than the sum of the other two teams. If that happens, I'll win. It doesn't matter whether Croatia loses their event or not.

Interesting right? You can only get this feature on the Paripesa app. It is not available on the mobile or desktop site.

A streaming media you can trust

Not every betting app offers a live-streaming option. Paripesa does. And what's more, it is free from bugs and hitches. The quality is great too. You can even adjust it according to your data. That way, it won't affect the speed.

You can watch your favourite sports anywhere anytime without interruptions. Just make sure you have a strong wifi or data connection and you can stream as many events as you want. There's also a Live-in betting option. So, you can place your bets on live events as you watch.

Extensive sportsbook – Even more options to explore

The Paripesa mobile app offers even more sports options than the sites including the desktop version. You can explore sports competitions from all over the world broadening your horizons. Plus, the bookie offers one of the best collections of betting markets.

I was impressed to find markets like Dribbling, Aerial performance, Interceptions, and Possession. You can even bet on the VAR checks in a match.

Overall, the sportsbook features about 1,300 markets on popular sports. Thankfully, it features a filter. You can filter out the ones you're uninterested in.

Your personal odds tracker

Another feature you can get on the Paripesa app that's not on the site is the odds tracker. Paripesa don't just take you to fish, they help you fish by providing you with important updates on the betting markets.

You can see when an odd fluctuates and adjust your bet accordingly. You can also check for the statistics on people's opinions regarding upcoming match events. That can help you make smart decisions and mitigate losses.

I especially like how one can save certain events to make it easier to monitor their odds. You can use it for interesting matches with competitive odds or those you're particularly interested in their outcomes.

Live casino

If you're only interested in playing casino games, the Paripesa app doesn't fall short in that aspect. It offers a live casino with a broad catalogue of games. I tried out the Baccarat and the experience was satisfactory.

Others include Blackjack, Roulette, Megawheel, Jackpots and Slots. If you're going for slots, I recommend Mega Cash the Gold. It is one of their popular sports and you can play for free.

You can also try out crash games like the Aviator. They excel in that area. What's more, the speed is okay. You don't have to worry about losing games mid-action. Besides, Paripesa offers up to 60 free bets to play the Aviator game. Terms and conditions apply, of course.

Other exciting features on the Paripesa App

  • Cash-out option
  • Juicy bonuses and promotional offers
  • Bet Insurance
  • Bet Slip Scanner
  • Bet exchange
  • Quick payout
  • 24/7 Live Chat

How to bet on the Paripesa app

I've been betting on the Paripesa app for a long time and never have I encountered an issue with placing bets. I rarely even spend up to five minutes to finish making a bet. You could spend longer though. Perhaps you're taking your time to explore your options. But that would be no fault of the app.

Here are the five simple steps involved in placing a bet on the Paripesa app.

  1. Log in to your account using your username and password.
  2. Fund your account: Once you've accessed your account whether old or new, you'll need to make a deposit. Go to the deposits page to do that. Thankfully, Paripesa supports payment via mobile banking platforms and debit cards whether Mastercard, visa or Verve.
  3. Navigate to the sports window. But that's if you plan to bet on pre-match events. For live betting, you should tap on LIVE. Both are side by side on the home page. So, you can easily pick the one you want.
  4. Select your preferred sports, competition, event, and betting market respectively.
  5. Confirm your selections: Once you tap the odds of your chosen bet, it'll appear in your bet slip. Open to review your selections, enter stake amount, and submit. There! You’ve successfully placed a bet on the Paripesa app.

Overall, the process is quite straightforward if you know what you're doing. Moreover, Paripesa has provided essential functions to ease your betting journey. For example, you can use the search bar to look for a particular sports event or utilize the filter to streamline your options. There's also a quick bet setting to hasten your bet process.

Paripesa app vs Paripesa mobile vs Desktop – What's the difference?

Every version of the Paripesa betting platform has its strong and weak points. We'll identify them in the table below.

Paripesa Version

Paripesa app

Additional sports and betting markets 

Can customize the functions based on your taste

Extra features like the sports filter, bet builder, and bet slip scanner.

Requires storage space

Not compatible with every device especially older models

Mobile site

Optimised for all devices

Requires no storage space

Slower than the app

Lacks some important features like live streaming 

No real time updates

Desktop site

Bolder icons

No compatibility issues

Easy navigation  and switching between tabs

Consumes more data

Limited access since the desktop cannot be moved around

Also lacks some features

My final rating of the Paripesa app

After reviewing the Paripesa app download process and inspecting its features, I'll give it a solid 8 over 10. Its unavailability in the Google PlayStore is a letdown. But it's no big deal since you can easily go to the website for the Paripesa app “Download for Android” link. Besides that, it is compatible with most devices except if you're using a much older model.

I really like the Bets builder feature. It allows one to be flexible trying out different options at once. Plus the Paripesa app has lots to offer. You can go from betting on Arsenal winning the league to whether there'll be a VAR check in a match. Not to forget the casino where you can try your stars at different games including slots, crash games, and even Megaways.

Hello reader! I'm Maryloveth, an avid content writer specialised in the igaming industry for over 2 years. I love writing guides and informative articles to help people find relevant answers to questions and make informed decisions. When I'm not in the middle of a book or web page, you can find me gisting with family and friends.

Paripesa App FAQ

Yes, anyone in Nigeria can download the Paripesa app as long as your phone meets the requirements.

The minimum amount you can withdraw on the Paripesa app is ₦550 regardless of the withdrawal method.

You can reach out to customer support via the live chat if you encounter any issues while using the Paripesa mobile app. Here’s how

  • Navigate to the menu.
  • Look for the “Consultant” option.
  • Click to be directed to the Help desk.
  • Enter your query.

Paripesa offers payments via bank cards and e-wallets like Skrill and Sticpay.