Ousmane Dembele transfer fee: Full details of the PSG deal

While there have been some wild rumors in recent weeks about the possible Ousmane Dembele transfer fee, if things did go through, we would finally have some closure on the subject. And in recent days, it was apparent that PSG was hunting down the French winger quite aggressively. Yet within the last 24 hours, things have now been made official. Ousmane Dembele will now be a PSG man in time for the 23/24 season, yet details are still coming through surrounding Dembele’s PSG contract

Dembele Transfer Fee

Naturally, specifics of the contract in terms of salary and bonuses will be made public in due course. But for now, what’s very public is the Dembele transfer fee that has been agreed upon between PSG and Barcelona. As for the exact details of this fee and other elements relating to this transfer, I’d like to share these with you now.

PSG’s Ousmane Dembele transfer fee and the current state of play

As is typically the case with all major transfers, it can be difficult to differentiate facts from rumors at times. Yet because Dembele’s transfer fee has been publicly declared, we can be pretty confident in what the agreed sum is. So without further ado, let me provide the specifics of the transfer deal for Ousmane Dembele.

The transfer fee for Ousmane Dembele

At 26 years of age, Dembele still has plenty of time left in professional football, and some might say that his best years are yet to come. Without question, this has fueled PSG to make a big move to secure his services, and the reported transfer fee is £43.5 million. Then again, this is far below the £135 million that Barcelona paid to sign Ousmane Dembele back in 2017. Nevertheless, this can be the way that football goes sometimes, yet PSG has clearly got the better deal when compared with the last transfer involving Dembele.

Dembele contract terms

Coinciding with the transfer fee of £43.5 million, you should know that Ousmane Dembele has signed a five-year contract with PSG. This would take him through to 2028 if he saw out the contract, and at that point, he would be 31 years of age. Yet because Dembele had signed an additional two years for Barcelona just last year, PSG needed to satisfy the release clause in his existing contract. 

That’s where the Dembele transfer fee has sprung from, and it equates to the stipulated €50 million release clause. And when you compare this with PSG’s completed transfers this summer, Dembele carries the second-highest price tag, so he is, of course, a significant signing.