Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator: what is the best matched betting site?

oddsmonkey vs profit accumulator

Interested in matched betting and finding out about the best site for it? This is a comparison post that you need to read!

An introduction to matched betting

You might have seen the term ‘matched betting’ pop up online from time to time. It is often referred to as a less riskier method of making money using bookmaker promotions. While we do agree to a certain extent, nothing is completely less hassle free, as there is always the chance of human error when matched betting. With that said, it is still a potentially profitable and sustainable way of making a bit of spare change on the side in the UK.

If you do not know what matched betting is, let us give you a quick overview. Matched betting is where you take advantage of bookmaker promotions and use them in such a way that you ensure that you make money. This is done through two main betting platforms – an online sportsbook and a betting exchange.

Basically, you use offers like free bets as frequently as you can so that you are gambling with a portion of ‘free money’. Then you go and bet against a particular market on a betting exchange, and the profit lies in the fact that you have used the bookmaker free bet. Sound complicated?

Matched betting may seem a bit overwhelming at first, which is why platforms have emerged to make things simple. The two that we will be looking at in this post are Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator. Let’s check them out right now.

The two most prominent matched betting sites in the UK

Before you get the wrong idea, we should note that the sites that we will be discussing are not online sports betting sites, not by any stretch of the imagination. They are simply sites that have been set up to help matched bettors to make money, and of course, they charge a price for this service. To name some of the key areas that these sites focus on, you will find pages of welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, casino offers, accumulator based offers, and so much more.

As you can see, they both offer quite a lot to help you with your matched betting journey. The two sites we will investigate once more are Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey, and we’ve given an overview of each of these sites below.


Believe it or not, Oddsmonkey has been in the game since 2011. This site gives members direct access to hundreds of welcome bonuses and reload offers, but it also has services such as a matched betting calculator and a community forum to help everyone out. The site also has tools to allow you to track your betting accounts, analyse your profit, and of course, it gives you a full breakdown of what matched betting is too.

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Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is very similar to Oddsmonkey, although it came into the game slightly later. Profit Accumulator has been serving matched bettors in the UK since 2014, and during this period the site claims to have had over 120,000 paying members. Much like Oddsmonkey, Profit Accumulator offers a full-stack solution for you to become successful in matched betting.

Looks like there might not be much to choose between these two sites on the surface, right? That’s why we will now dive into much more detail on each individual section of these sites.

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Important comparisons


As promised, we will now look at all of the critical sections that both Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator have. This will help to give you a real idea of which of these sites you will prefer, and which one will help you on your journey.


Profit Accumulator Pricing for 2020
Profit Accumulator Pricing for 2020
oddsmonkey pitch
Oddsmonkey pricing

We have to start with the price, as this is the most important element of all. Before we do, however, we should note that both sites have a 7-day free trial, so you can enjoy a nice free bet trial for both. You can cancel anytime during these 7 days, and you will not be charged anything at all. Beyond these 7-days, you will need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to use both of these sites.

Let’s start with Profit Accumulator. The price for this site is £19.99 if billed monthly, or £150 for the year if you choose to get billed annually. Whichever plan that you choose, this is a rolling month to month plan, and you can cancel it anytime. By running the math, you may see that you can save over £90 by choosing the yearly option.

With Oddsmonkey, the pay monthly price is £17.99 if you choose this option, but the yearly subscription is higher than Profit Accumulator – £180.

Matched betting calculator

When you are performing matched betting, you will need to use something referred to as a matched betting calculator. This is a virtual calculator that has been developed using software, and this software will show you exactly what amount of money you need to spend on what market to make a profit. Needless to say, this is an essential tool for anybody who wants to get involved in matched betting.

As you have probably already guessed, both of these sites have matched betting calculators that have been built into the software tools. You can change the modes on these calculators to set out what kind of bet you are making, and what your potential profit might be based on how much you are betting. We’ve looked closely at both sets of calculators, and we have to say that the Profit Accumulator calculator is much more appealing and easier to use.

It’s not that the calculator with Oddsmonkey is bad by any means, it’s just that the Profit Accumulator calculator seems to have a bit of an edge. Both sites have calculators that work as they should, however, so for this category, there really isn’t much to choose between the two.

Range of welcome offers

Welcome offers are the bread and butter of any matched bettors profits, and after looking at the range of offers that these sites have, we must admit that Profit Accumulator stands out once more. If you actually ran through all of the welcome bonuses that this site has available, there is a chance that you could cash-in on more than £1,000. Of course, this is subject to your own ability to perform matched betting correctly, and the ongoing availability of the bonuses.

What particularly struck us about Profit Accumulator compared with Oddsmonkey in this department are the offers that have been sourced by less popular sites. Oddsmonkey appears to stick to the major sites in the UK to suggest welcome offers, but Profit Accumulator seems to have done a bit more research, and be a bit more willing to look for these lesser-known sites.

Finally, both sites have welcome offers for sports and casino play, and you can even look at the difficulty of an offer before you take it on.

Site functionality

This is an extremely important factor to think about, as without a functional and easy to use site, you just won’t have an enjoyable experience. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t have a profitable experience, which is the whole point of matched betting in the first place. When comparing the two sites together, we would say that the Oddsmonkey site is somewhat easier to use, and it is a bit more helpful overall. The site is full of useful guides and instructional videos for beginners and the tools it has in place are generally easier to use on the whole.

We found this to be the case for features like the daily odds tracker, profit tracker, oddsmatcher, and other tools too. Simply put, with these tools being quite convenient and easy to use, it means that you have less time worrying about using the site correctly and can spend more time focusing on where the value lies in matched betting.

We also found that the Oddsmonkey site was a bit more responsive compared to Profit Accumulator. This was seen through relatively quicker loading times, and less technical issues experienced across the entire site.

Community engagement through the forum

Whichever one of these sites you choose to check out, there is an overwhelming sense of community on both of them. Each site has its own community forum on the go, and here is where members share their own matched betting experience, and they all seem to help one another with any questions or issues. For example, people regularly ask questions about how to claim certain offers, and more experienced matched bettors will often jump into the thread and answer the questions.

With Profit Accumulator, however, we were particularly impressed by how the community forum functions. We found it awesome that you can choose what threads you can see and take part in based on your matched betting goals. Once again, this reduces the amount of time that you’d need to spend sorting through irrelevant information, and allows you to get directly to the information that you need.

You can even start your own threads and wait for experts to respond, which gives Profit Accumulator such an awesome sense of community help and engagement. This is probably due to the fact that its member base is a bit larger than Oddsmonkey, but that does mean that Oddsmonkey’s community forum isn’t up to scratch.

We found that members are just as helpful in the Oddsmonkey forum, but there just isn’t the same level of information available when comparing the two.

Profit tracker

Out of all the tools we have discussed in this post, the profit tracker tool is probably the most crucial out of the bunch. This is where you can manually input the profit that you make on each of your matched bets, and it allows you to see how successful (or unsuccessful) you have been according to predetermined time periods. For example, you could take a look at your monthly or weekly profit through these tools, and you can even see which betting sites this profit came from.

Once again, both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey have such a tool in place, but one is a bit more user-friendly than the other. In our experience, the general interface and user-friendliness of this tool are better with Oddsmonkey, as you can easily enter your profit and view it in a graph to display your progress. Arguably, Profit Accumulator’s profit tracker tool is more sophisticated and advanced than Oddsmonkey, but that doesn’t really help much for those who are brand new to the matched betting.

Since the overall learning curve of using this tool is significantly easier with Oddsmonkey, we really do have to give them the win for this category.


Both of these matched betting sites are exceptional in what they do, which is evident in the thousands of members that they have each attracted over the years. However, as you have seen within this article, they each have their own positives and negatives. If it’s purely the cost that is concerning you, and you don’t want to put up the initial outlay, then clearly Oddsmonkey would be the most enticing choice. If you want access to some of the most cutting edge matched betting tools, then from what we’ve seen, Profit Accumulator would be the more obvious choice.

It all comes down to how comfortable you think you will be with matched betting, and what your overall goals are from this activity. If you just want to make a bit of money on the side, then either of these sites would be an appropriate choice. If you are really wanting to get serious and turn matched betting into a solid and consistent source of income, you may lean towards Profit Accumulator.

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