Free NFL picks Week 5 – football betting tips, weekly predictions and more

Here are our latest free NFL picks for the coming week's matchups and outright / futures markets. 

NFL picks
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Tampa Bay @ Chicago Bears
Tampa Bay -4.5
Indianapolis Colts @ Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns +1.5
Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons -2.5
Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders +13
LA Rams @ Washington
LA Rams -7

Week 4 wasn't really that eventful as week 3 was, for example, we saw everything we would want to see from the sport. By far, the most crucial matchup in the last two weeks was the clash of the titans. The 2 biggest favorites to win it all – Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens faced each other, but to be frank, the game wasn't as spectacular as many would've thought.

The Chiefs managed to win somewhat easily, which had an immediate effect on the markets we would be talking about today – the outright markets. Before this game, both teams were sitting at pretty much similar odds to win the Super Bowl, but now according to the bookies, the Kansas squad is the more favored side to triumph with odds of 4.50. The difference in the odds can easily be spotted with BAL Ravens' win valued at 6.50. At our preferred bookie, we also have Seattle Seahawks at 9.00, Green Bay Packers at 13.00, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers also at 13.00.

Our Top Free NFL picks for week 5

Here we will share what we think are the best value NFL tips for the upcoming weekend. Note! The first match we picked is played on a Thursday night.

Tampa Bay (-4.5) @ Chicago bears (THU, Oct 8, 8:20 PM)

With the exception of Week 1, the Tampa offense hasn't looked all that bad at all. In fact, we knew that it should be one of the better offenses in the NFL, but chemistry issues were always part of the concerns. It is evident that the team isn’t there yet, but the great defense really makes up for the offensive woes.

The Bears are a strange team. They went 3-0, and after subbing in what we think is the better quarterback, they lost to a Colts team that has very little offensive power. One thing is for sure – they are not bringing Trubisky back that quickly. However, it looks like Nick Foles will need a couple of more weeks to improve the chemistry with his teammates.

Good teams and good defenses, in particular, are good on a short week. While the Chicago defense has been impressive, so has Tampa’s. The Buccaneers can attack by land and air alike, so we think we win and cover the -4.5.

Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) @ Cleveland Browns (SUN, OCT 11, 4:25 PM)

We can’t seem to find a logical explanation as to why the Colts are favored on the road against what looks like a rejuvenated Browns team.

The Cleveland locker room will undoubtedly be elated after the big win they picked up @ the Cowboys last week. This win not only exposed Dallas as a below-average team, but it also displayed all the major strengths that the Browns offense possess. And these strengths are on the ground with play-action in the mix.

Yes, star running back Nick Chubb is out, and in the long run, this will likely prove to be problematic. But this week, Kareem Hunt will still be fresh, and he will go hunting.

The Colts defense is good against the pass, but they can get fooled on the ground, that's for sure. Coach Stefanski will devise a game plan on how to attack this defense on the ground with running backs and wide receivers.

And the best part? Well, Cleveland gets points at home. Philip Rivers doesn’t look like an NFL quarterback anymore, so backing the Browns looks like the apparent option. Go with the +1.5.

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) (SUN, OCT 11, 13:00)

Everybody is down on the 0-4 Atlanta Falcons and plenty of arguments can be made that it is deservedly so. However, bookies ‘’tell’’ us that they think Atlanta will finally win this one by favoring them against a 2-2 division rival in the face of Carolina.

We happen to share the same idea. Nobody expects Atlanta to go 0-16, right? Even if Julio Jones is sidelined with a hamstring injury, the team has plenty of potential to finally win one. This is a division game at home and is the perfect spot for the Falcons to bring one family.

There is one thing that concerns us. Dan Quinn is obviously on the hot seat, and there's a chance the players will play to get him fired. This is unlike Atlanta, although we can never be too sure.

The Carolina offense will definitely miss Christian McCaffrey and we think that this week it will be quite visible.

The value is on the home team until everybody is down on them. Go with Atlanta -2.5.

Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs (-13.0) (SUN, OCT 11, 13:00)

This week's NFL picks This looks like a blow-out game but are we really sure that it will be? Kansas will play on a relatively short week after what was definitely not the most impressive game played by them. The offense was held to 19 points by the New England Defense and had Cam newton played, we might have been talking about how NE managed to win on the road in Kansas again.

The Raiders aren't that bad at all. Quarterback Derek Carr is enjoying a good season so far, and he has very strong support from his backfield in the face of Josh Jacobs.

The Chiefs defense is their week spot, and the team tends to play down to its opponent level this year. We think that Kansas wins but by not more than a touchdown and field goal. Grab the big points with the Raiders.

LA Rams (-7.0) @ Washington Football Team (SUN, OCT 11, 13:00)

The last two games the Rams played were exciting. In the loss the Buffalo 2 weeks ago, the team actually clawed its way back only to lose on the final drive. Still, they didn't play all that bad. Last week they barely won against the Giants, and coach McVay cannot be happy about how the team played.

This all points to a more high-energy play by the team this week on the road against Washington. Had this been week 2, we would have picked the Football Team to cover the spread, but it isn't. After what was not a bad start of the season, Washington finally showed its ineptitude on offense. They turn the ball over and are quite frankly slow pushing the ball downfield.

With Jalen Ramsey locking up Terry Mclaurin, we don't see any other potent weapon that Haskins can use. And speaking of Haskins, his inaccurate passing is finally on display and will be more so this weekend.

The Rams will eventually come out ready to play and dismiss the notion that they are now average. We think McVay gives them an earful this week, and they win by at least 10 points. Bet the -7.0.

NFL Super Bowl Winner predictions

NFL predictions for Superbowl winner

Predicting who will win it all is a challenging task. It's mind-boggling how many games a side is required to win and how many teams it has to face to get to the top. Triumphing with the Lombardi trophy is an honor that each side wishes to be awarded with. The beauty of the format of the NFL is that everyone has a shot at the title, it all depends on their possibilities and will to be the winner.

We can't lie, we have to say that the Kansas City Chiefs remain the most likely squad to win the Super Bowl. They are looking to defend their last season's trophy, but it will be by no means an easy task. The competition is fierce, and sharp turns in the unfolding of the season are likely. Maintaining the top form that they find themselves in is their priority, and if they manage to do it, the Super Bowl will fall once again into their hands.

Being the bookies' favorite, the Chiefs' triumph is valued at 4.50. Last season finalists San Franciso 49ers are sitting at the whooping odds of 21.00 with a question left unanswered – will they be able to repeat the run that they had in 2019 and play at the Super Bowl. For sure, it will be a challenging feat, but the 49ers have shown us that they got it.

Talking about possible Super Bowl winners, we can't skip on Baltimore Ravens. After a magnificent 14-2 run, last season, the Ravens were quickly eliminated in the Titans' postseason, a result which left a bitter taste in the mouths of all the Ravens' players and fans. This will probably be the squad that will strive to win the title the most this year. 6.50 odds at the time of writing aren't at all too bad for such a possible outcome.


Being a favorite for the Super Bowl, its only logical that the Kansas City Chiefs are also favored to win the AFC. Instead of talking repetitively about them, let's analyze which other AFC side poses the Chiefs' most significant threat.

Baltimore Ravens feel like they got left out last season and are most definitely disappointed by not going to the Superbowl. Their loss to the Tennessee Titans in the postseason probably felt like adding salt to a wound, and this has undoubtedly motivated them to go all-in this season. With some notable defensive additions like Calais Campbell and Patrick Queen, Lamar Jackson and company are one of the most solid sides in the Confederation – it's only a matter of time to top the AFC and have a chance at the Super Bowl.

Though their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs put them back in the bookies' eyes, their odds to win the AFC have lowered. The Ravens are currently valued at 3.75 to win the AFC and also 6.50 to win it all. Definitely a good risk/reward ratio.

Tennessee Titans is another top contender for the AFC title. After week 3, and having a bye next week, they are up 3-0, managing to clutch the win with score differences of 1, 2, and 3. It doesn't sound that convincing, but the Titans are entirely physical, disciplined, and play their own football style that we believe can match up to the Kansas City Chiefs' level of play. Mike Vrabel has done a phenomenal job with this team.

It's important to mention that last season the Titans were among the few teams that managed to win versus the Chiefs. Let's also not forget that after beating the Patriots and the Ravens, they faced the Kansas side in a match where it felt like they had the game won, but in the end, the future Super Bowl winners got them eliminated. At 13.00 wagering on the Tennessee Titans to triumph, the AFC is a well worthy bet.


Well, that was for the AFC, and it's time to switch it up to the NFC because this federation is definitely stacked with talent. The 49ers will try to get back to the Superbowl, so let's take a look at who can dethrone them and stir up their plans?

First, let's take a look at a team that's been knocking on the front door for years now, and that is the New Orleans Saints. After a strong 2019 season, which saw them with a 13-3 record and winning first place of the NFC South, the New Orleans side is looking to conquer their federation. Peeking at their roster, they haven't really lost anyone and brought back Malcolm Jenkins and picked up Emmanuel Sanders. These guys, paired with a veteran like Drew Brees, pose some serious threat.

The Saints are for sure motivated and hungry for the title because, in the past, they have been knocked out in some incredibly crazy ways. We believe that if there is one team that can win the NFC and play for the Super Bowl it's probably going to be the New Orleans Saints. After an average start to the season (2-2 in 4 games), they will surely pick up the pace as soon as possible, making their odds valued at 7.00 an excellent choice.

Another great pick, but also a little adventurous, is the Minnesota Vikings. When talking about the San Francisco 49ers being a threat, you are talking about the brain behind the operation. That's Gary Kubiak, who is the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. The only thing that will be able to derail the Vikings' train is their defense, as we have seen in their first 4 season games, which left them with a 1-3 record. Still, we suggest picking the Minnesota Vikings for NFC champions, which will payout odds of 31.

Divisions first and second place NFL predictions

NFL picks and predictions infoIn this section, we would Brees through (Get it? Drew Brees? Okay, whatever.) all of the AFC and NFC division, and we will pick our favorites to win the first and second place.

AFC North

This pick is kind of complicated as all of the teams have a high possibility of triumphing. We believe that the Bengals will probably be bottom of the table, the Browns claiming the 3rd spot, and 1st and 2nd will be left to be split between the Ravens and the Steelers. Steelers are historically the most successful team in AFC North, having won it 23 times, but we believe they won't make it 24 this season, leaving the 1st place to the Ravens.

AFC East

As much as Buffalo Bills' start to the season is right (4-0), NY Jets' first four games have been terrible, still waiting to win a game being 0-4. This is one of the easier divisions to predict, and our prophecy goes like this – 1st place to the Buffalo Bills, 2nd place goes to the Patriots, 3rd for the Dolphins and 4th is for the NY Jets

AFC South

This division split in half – 2 teams fiercely fighting for the top spot and two teams fighting to not finish 4th. All in all, we predict the Colts winning the division, the Titans closely finishing in 2nd place, Jacksonville Jaguars keeping the 3rd spot, and the Texans being the bottom-placed side.

AFC West

We believe this is undisputedly the most one-sided division currently in the NFL. Kansas City Chiefs seem unstoppable, especially not by any of the AFC West sides. Their triumph is pretty much guaranteed, so let's see how the rest will line up. We see the Broncos claiming the 2nd spot, Las Vegas Raiders getting the 3rd place, and LA Chargers remaining 4th.

NFC East

This division, we may as well call the losers' division. It's the only division in both the NFC and AFC, where there isn't a team with a positive result. Our prediction is the Cowboys will win the NFC East, Philadelphia Eagles coming in 2nd, and the Washington Football Team and NY Giants getting the 3rd and 4th place.

NFC North

We already talked about Minnesota Vikings’ possibilities, and we believe that they have what it takes to win the division despite the fact they are already with a 1-3 win/loss record. It's a hard call to make at this point, but we will go with Vikings finishing first, Green Bay Packers closely behind them in the 2nd place, Chicago Bears getting the 3rd place, and Detroit Lions finishing 4th.

NFC South

This is a tough one, but as we previously mentioned, the Saints are a reliable team that we expect them to perform increasingly better as the season unfolds. As it goes, our prediction is the New Orleans side being the most likely contender for the top spot, closely trailed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Atlanta Falcons will most definitely finish 4th, which leaves the 3rd spot for the Panthers.

NFC West

A division with tons of competition in it. 49ers are the current winners, but they might get dethroned this season by both Seattle Seahawks and the LA Rams. Even Arizona Cardinals have a shot at this feat, but only one team can be at the top. We are going with Seattle Seahawks getting the first place, followed by the 49ers, LA Rams in 3rd place, and the Cardinals being at the bottom, though this is by far the most unpredictable division of them all.


NFL betting tips

NFL has proven to be one of the sports that gathers the most media attention. It is also undoubtedly America's most wagered on sports betting market. With an estimated total of over $100 billion wagered on football yearly, the game gives tons of capitalizing opportunities.

Exactly how famous is the NFL in the USA and the world? – The NFL is no doubt the most-watched and talked about sports league in the USA. People are not only watching the games on their TV – this league has record-breaking attendance levels – avg. of almost 70 thousand people per game. When it comes to the world stage, it's the 9th most popular sport.

Historically which team has won the most titles? – The Wisconsin side Green Bay Packers have won the NFL the most times with 13 titles. Nine of them are before the Super Bowl format was introduced, and 4 of them were Super Bowl wins.

How often do we see a side winning the league back to back? – It has happened a total of 8 times in the history of the NFL, and only a single team has managed to do it twice – Pittsburgh Steelers.

Why is the Super Bowl trophy called the Vince Lombardi Trophy? – Vince Lombardi is an NFL coach, which led the Green Bay Packers to victories in the first two Super Bowl games, thus deserving of having the trophy named after him.

Why is the Hall of fame for professional American football located exactly in Canton, Ohio? – Its found there to honor the Canton Bulldogs who went on a two-year 25 games win streak between 1921 and 1923.

What is some memorable hall of fame inductees? – Gale Sayers is the youngest person to deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame, and the oldest to do it was Ed Sabol – he was 94 years old when he was inducted.