Neymar transfer update: Al Hilal make move for the Brazilian

Rumors of Neymar leaving PSG this summer have been rife, yet it seems like now, these rumors are gaining serious traction. So if you’ve come here seeking the latest Neymar transfer update, I can tell you now that you are in the right place. Over the weekend, news broke of a possible deal involving Neymar moving to the Saudi Pro League. Or to be more precise, there’s now a real possibility of Neymar heading to Al Hilal. Talks have been opened between the two clubs, and as we already know, Neymar is keen to leave PSG.

Neymar Transfer Update

However, this has caught many football fans by surprise. After all, the odds on Neymar’s next club have been rather short for Barcelona, and many signs pointed to this move taking place before August was over. But as per the most recent media reports, a possible Neymar move to Barcelona now seems dead in the water. Then again, we shouldn’t assume anything in the transfer window, as things can change on a dime.

Yet what we can do is work with the more ‘trustworthy’ reports to develop an accurate picture of what’s really happening with Neymar and Al Hilal. So on that note, let’s cover some specifics of the possible deal while identifying the things that we know so far.

Al Hilal approach PSG – Neymar transfer update full breakdown

If you’ve monitored the range of signings made involving the Saudi Pro League this summer, you’ll be fully aware that some big names have moved over there. And of the many clubs that have been involved in such signings, it’s Al Hilal that stands out as the club that has flaunted their cash the most. Of course, the club has an enormous budget to work with, as proven by the signings of Malcom, Ruben Neves, Milinikovic-Savic, and Koulibaly this summer. Yet now, they are at the center of the Neymar transfer update discussion, and I’ve got the latest for you here.

Negotiations are officially open

Neymar might have three years left on his contract, but PSG has opened negotiations with Al Hilal over the last 24 hours. Note that this simply means that PSG is open to selling Neymar to Al Hilal – it doesn’t mean that anything has been signed or agreed upon. Yet with negotiations open, we will shortly know whether anything tangible comes of these talks.

Reports of a ‘substantial’ transfer fee

Like with most transfers, the transfer fee is going to be a major bone of contention if Al Hilal is to sign Neymar. Then again, money isn’t exactly a major obstacle for Al Hilal, yet they will still want to get a fair deal for the Brazilian striker. On that note, Al Hilal already bid £258 million for Mbappe earlier this summer, and as per the most recent reports, Al Hilal has made a rather large offer to ink Neymar. 

However, no public information has yet surfaced surrounding what this fee might be.

Possible developments in the coming days

If we work with the information that Al Hilal has put an offer on the table to sign Neymar, one would assume that this offer will be accepted or rejected in the coming days. This is perhaps the most reliable Neymar transfer update I can provide right now. As for elements that we can estimate based on key factors, I’d expect the offer for Neymar to be in excess of £100 million. I say this because of Neymar’s market value, as well as the funds that a club like Al Hilal has to spare.

Yet for things like the salary, bonuses, and other things, the variables are far too great to come up with any ‘probable’ figures. So in the interest of avoiding any misleading figures, I shall leave this for another time.