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The next manager to lose his job is a market that has always haunted the betting world in a good way. No matter the season, no matter the league, people will always speculate which coach will fall out of favor, so the bookies have to adapt. Those who do can offer their clients the possibility of placing a hefty bet to back their belief that a manager is about to become unemployed. Let's take a look at the most endangered Premier League coaches in the current time.

Next manager to be sacked – the current situation

Football is one of the most brutal sports in the world when it comes to keeping your job. Many managers have met their fate by being sacked in a boardroom over the years. And on that note, there are a few managers that are living dangerously in English football right now. While some are flying high, others are flying low – very low! Fans are calling for their heads on a block at certain clubs too. We certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, let’s put it that way.

And as we approach the Christmas break, many punters are wondering who will be the next manager to be sacked. There are a fair few guys to talk about here, so let’s get started.

Likely candidates for the chop

We have chosen to list these candidates in order of their likelihood to be chopped in the current sack race. But before we continue, while the odds you see are accurate right now, they could well change.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Poor old Ole. The guy has had a pretty brutal run of things since becoming a hero at United last season. United are now comfortably out of the title race for the time being, and fans are far from pleased. Most recently, the 5-0 drumming from Liverpool hasn’t helped, which has sparked rumours of his sacking. But as we move further into the season, Ole remains in charge, for now. He is listed at odds of around 1.30 to 1.40 at most major bookmakers, however. That is bad news for Solskjaer, but good news if you’re a United fan who wants change.

The next few games in charge for Solskjaer will be absolutely pivotal. And we will be keeping a close eye on him as far as manager betting goes.

Daniel Farke

With 2 points from 9 games, it’s no wonder Farke is in the running to be the next manager to be sacked. Of course, he is the manager of Norwich, who are dead bottom of the Premier League table. Amazingly, Norwich has yet to win a game, although, despite this, they are only 6 points from safety. Regardless, rumours are swirling relating to Farke’s sacking, and there is plenty of substance to them. He is showing the kind of managerial prowess that would’ve been punished months ago at other clubs.

In fact, we are somewhat baffled that Farke hasn’t been giving his marching orders already. And at odds of 4.50 at leading bookies, many punters are pouring in to make this wager. That would be a pretty solid return for such a likely chopping, although it remains to be seen whether Farke will be sacked ahead of the other unfortunate candidates.

Dean Smith

Smith is the man in charge of Aston Villa, and to be fair, he hasn’t been horrific this season. Sure, he might not have taken Villa to the heights the fans had hoped for. But then again, he has certainly guided the team to a much better position compared with some of the other managers listed here. Aston Villa is currently sitting pretty in mid-table, and Dean Smith has guided them to a couple of handy wins recently. This has made the manager betting odds for Smith getting sacked move upwards.

And at the time of writing, Smith is listed at around the 12.00 or 13.00 mark to be sacked next. That would lead to a pretty high return, but it’s not overly likely, as the odds suggest.

Nuno Espirito Santo

Tottenham has enjoyed mixed form over the last few weeks and months. They are undoubtedly a top club, with top players, yet they aren’t at the top of the league. That’s why Espirito Santo has joined the sack race with odds floating around the 15.00 region. Of course, the fact that Tottenham is just outside of the top 5 is no huge negative here. However, players and fans want to see them challenge for the title, and they need to play better if this is to happen.

We don’t feel that there is a huge chance of Espirito Santo being the next manager to be sacked. Then again, stranger things have happened in football as they say.

Claudio Ranieri

Last but not least, we have Claudio Ranieri, current manager of Watford. Ever since his amazing triumph with Leicester City back in 2015/2016, he has bounced around quite a bit. Having managed multiple clubs around Europe, he found himself back at Watford. And with Watford in 12th place, this isn’t the end of the world, but it’s not fantastic. They haven’t performed amazingly well over the last 5 or so games either, which has pumped the odds for Ranieri to go next.

But with that said, the odds of him being the next to go are around 20.00 – not highly likely!

Next Manager Betting Odds Explained

Football managers are an essential part of a club. They decide who will play on the field, what the tactic would be for the specific matches, and buying and selling different players each pre- and mid-season. They also have other less-known responsibilities, such as:

  • Player motivation
  • Delegation between the different staffs
  • Giving interviews
  • Scouting for new players

Rumors are continually flowing around about football managers and their positions. Betting on the next manager market has become quite popular recently, and many sportsbooks are introducing this unique market to their roster. There are two different bet types – ‘who would be the next manager of team X?' and ‘will be X-Manager's next managerial job?’

The popularity of the markets solely depends on which rumor is circling the world wide web right now mainly. If the news speculates that a manager might get fired from a team in league X, then punters won't hesitate to start placing wagers on who that person would be. The odds are also different depending on how accurate the gossip that leads to this market's creation is true. Each bookmaker has a team that reviews this kind of thing and decides what kind of odds they would give the market after making their calculations. Markets become popular, especially if a manager announced that he is stepping down. That's the busiest these markets ever get, and people love to wager on Specials.

Next manager odds are affected most from:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Speculations, rumors, and gossip
  • Sky Sports News and other sports news websites
  • Television

Best Bookmakers for Next Manager Betting Odds

Paddy Power

Paddy Power has a fantastic variety of markets for the next permanent manager and next managerial job. The Irish bookmaker has been around for many years, and they are one of the UK's top choices. They have a unique welcome offer for new customers and a ton of promotions for existing players. Their mobile and online platform are user-friendly, and you can get a lot from them if you decide to wager with them.

Paddy Power is a great bookmaker for specialty markets like this one. Not only do they have great odds, but they also have great incentives like free bets and enhanced odds too. So if you’re looking for a bookmaker that gives you an edge, Paddy Power is a good choice.


SkyBet is one of the leading brands in football entertainment in Europe and around the globe, and they have a stellar reputation and a handful of betting markets for manager specials. Their platform has a ton of exciting features for customers, including regular odds boosts, promotions, and a loyalty club. Their newest sports betting feature – Group Bets has attracted much attention and has relatively positive feedback.

SkyBet is a truly terrific betting site. This is the brand behind great promotions like Super 6 and great programs like Soccer Saturday. SkyBet is pretty sharp on updating odds for this market too, and the odds are competitive with other brands. Of course, SkyBet also covers all Premier League games on the site. So if you fancy a crack at other bets, you can.

William Hill

William Hill is an established brand, and they offer their customers some of the best welcome offers and regular promotions out there. They have a unique manager specials markets and provide substantial odds. They also provide their customers with a great mobile app and a live streaming service that you would enjoy. The bookmaker regularly gives their customers Daily Odds boosts, and their in-play odds are slightly better.


Unibet has made a name for themselves in not only football betting but sports betting in general. They offer a great welcome bonus to their customers and have some of the most important betting markets available to customers who love to wager on football. Their platform is easy-to-use, and they have a reliable mobile application that customers are delighted with. Unibet sports offers are some of the best for existing customers and attract many new ones.

888 Sport

888 Sport is a significant brand in the UK sports betting scene, and they provide their customers with some of the best odds out there. Their platform design is unique, and their services extend that of just a Sportsbook. The bookmaker has high-end mobile apps with great features and a user-friendly interface.


As the most famous European bookmaker, they offer some of the best odds out there. They have a plethora of markets to choose from, including manager football specials, that are very popular among their customers. The bet365 website platform is easy-to-use, and they offer a wide array of sports to choose from, including sections like Casino.


Betfair is a trendy brand in the UK. They do not only operate a Sportsbook, which features a wide array of next manager markets, but they also run the first and most established betting exchange in the world. If you play with them, you may get better odds at the exchange and also benefit from their attractive welcome offer that would give you some excitement.

Being a betting exchange, Betfair pretty much has the best odds possible. The beauty of using an exchange is that you can also lay a bet too if you want to. This means that you can engage in manager betting for a guy to be sacked, or against it. Adding to this, Betfair is an extremely reputable site.


BetVictor is a popular bookmaker in the United Kingdom. They offer a great online and mobile platform to their customers and give them some of the best sports and market variety. The bookie provides some of the best next manager odds and provides its customers with a ton of cool features like live streaming, cash-out, etc.


Betfred has a unique website platform, and they provide their customers with many bonuses and promotions they can choose from. Another positive fact is that Betfred has additional sections to offer their customers, and each one has a juicy welcome offer, so even if you aren't into sports betting that much, you still have a lot of things to do on their platform. Their mobile apps are 100% free and are available for iOS and Android.

Next Manager Odds Conclusion

The next Manager betting market is one of the more popular Special markets for football betting even though it's not technically football. The media mainly control the traffic around it but name something that isn't nowadays. People enjoy wagering on it, and bookmakers try to accommodate their customers’ needs as best as they can.

Our current next manager odds: