During the time he spent at the club as a player Frank Lampard has undoubtedly become a Chelsea F.C. legend. In his 13 seasons between 2001 and 2014, he managed to topple the all-time top goalscorer chart with 211 goals, and amass the impressive 648 appearances for the Blues. Lampard is also holding several club records like most Premier League goals in a single match, most FA Cup goals in total, and also most penalties scored. With his stay he heavily contributed to winning the PL three times, the FA Cup four times, once the Champions League, and the Europa League also once. He has been regarded as one of the best midfielders of his generation alongside names like Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes. It’s safe to say that the team’s fans grew pretty fond of him during his time as a player, and were glad to see a familiar place take charge of the club in the summer of 2019.

Lampard is definitely hoping for a long-lasting managerial career with Chelsea like the one he had as a player. He is looking to win as many trophies as he did while he was still on the pitch. In his first year though, he only managed to acquire a single Premier League Manager of the Month award. With this feat, he became just the third person to have ever won both a PL Player of the Month and Manager of the Month award. The season was trophy-less for Lampard’s side after he managed to get his squad to the FA Cup final which they lost to Arsenal.

The current state of play for the club

Consistency is the one key thing that Lampard’s team is lacking. During the last campaign, Chelsea managed to beat both Tottenham and Arsenal and then went on to lose versus Bournemouth, Southampton, and Newcastle in the span of a month. Another example is beating Manchester City, and later recording losses against West Ham and Sheffield United. Those results can be explained by the large number of inexperienced academy players that Lampard gave the chance to play in the last season.

After the summer shopping spree that saw stars like, Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz, and Timo Werner the club’s 2020/2021 campaign looked to be promising. However inconsistent results have once again ridden Chelsea’s first league matches. After the 6 opening matches the club’s W/D/L record is 2-3-1, failing to secure the win in draws with West Brom, Southampton, and Manchester United, and losing once to the reigning champions Liverpool. The Blues were also knocked out of the Carabao Cup race on penalties by Mourinho’s Tottenham.

Currently, Lampard’s team aims to make a solid Champions League run which started with a goalless draw vs. Sevilla. He has enough time to work out his best starting lineup, and considering that Chelsea gets past the CL group stages, with a packed squad like this they can contend the finals in the biggest European tournament.

How likely is it that Lampard is sacked this season?

According to the bookies’ next Chelsea manager odds of 12/1, Lampard’s exit is somewhat possible. However, it's not the bookies that are in charge of making this decision. We know that the club owner – Roman Abramovich has been ruthless when it comes to sacking managers. The Russian is keen on seeing the results rather than believing in the journey. This puts the pressure on Super Frankie who has to find a way to make his team net some impressive results if he wants to keep his job safe.

His 4th place finish in the last campaign was decent, considering the club had just lost Eden Hazard and was undergoing a transfer ban. With all the new arrivals, Lampard has to glue his squad perfectly in a very short amount of time so that Abramovich is pleased. Up to this point, however, this doesn’t seem to be happening as there hasn’t been a consistently used starting lineup and formation since the beginning of the season. It’s safe to say that if the former Chelsea player isn’t able to work out these uncertainties and fails to deliver a couple of times more, his job will be hanging on the ropes. Paired with the recent reports that the owner is already looking for a coach replacement, there is a possibility that Lampard may not even last for half of the season.

Potential managers should this occur

Possible manager to take over the Blues is a name mentioned earlier – Gareth Southgate. Despite being the coach of England’s National team, Southgate’s job is also rumored to be in danger. He has been linked with Chelsea, but Abramovich employing him is something that we find very hard to believe in.

A much more possible replacement is Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentinian is no stranger to the Premier League as he has already spent a total of 6 seasons with Southampton and Tottenham. He had an extremely intriguing Champions League run within 2019 with The Spurs, and led them to the final. Despite losing to Liverpool, this is his biggest managerial achievement.

Despite all this gossip, recent reports claim that Abramovich is in talks with Massimiliano Allegri to succeed Lampard. The ex-Juventus coach has spent the 2019/2020 season unemployed and is looking to make his return to coaching. With his vast collection of major trophies(winning Serie A – 6 times, Coppa Italia – 4 times, and Supercoppa Italiana – 3 times) he seems like the most suitable available option. Allegri’s dream is to win the Champions League, which is something quite by the taste of Abramovich.

Final thoughts

Currently, all eyes are on Lampard, who holds his fate in his own hands. If he is quick to find a solution to the inconsistent results that his squad has been getting his exit will be stalled. He is a fan favorite, and that’s probably the only reason why Abramovich hasn’t acted yet. But with some of Chelsea's supporters beginning to realize that Lampard isn’t the best option at the current moment, fans’ sympathy will matter less. In comparison, his 4th place league finish in the 2019/2020 season is better than Jürgen Klopp’s first season as manager of Liverpool who scored 8th. It took Klopp a further 4 years before winning the Premier League, which just shows that Super Frankie may be on the right track, but needs more time. Unfortunately for him Abramovich isn’t that patient and wouldn’t wait 5 years to see results. Our final verdict is that if Lampard is still Chelsea’s manager at the end of the season he will remain for several more campaigns. If he doesn’t manage to improve his results, however, he will most likely get fired during the winter.