Quiz: Name the players with the most yellow cards in Premier League history

It is never too difficult to spot who will be sent off when watching Match of the Day.

The process begins when a player receives an inauspicious yellow card; perhaps for a sneaky shirt pull or blatant tactical foul on the halfway line. Then you wait…

The highlights progress and, more often than not, the same player will commit another foul. If you're lucky, they get away with a warning – there's nothing like delayed gratification.

But, eventually, the red card arrives; brandished callously by a referee intent on making the moment his own.

However, the players who receive a sole yellow tend to be forgotten about. And there is a certain skill to going through a career picking up cards without getting sent off.

Which brings us to our quiz… we challenge you to name the Premier League players who have collected the most bookings since the competition began in 1992/93.

Some of the names at the top of the list may surprise you. There will definitely be others who you'll recall in an instant. You have just ten minutes to name them all. Good luck!

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