Moises Caicedo Next Club: Latest Transfer Odds for the Brighton Midfielder

Moises Caicedo is a man that is in high demand right now. So naturally, rumours are circulating surrounding what club Caicedo will sign for during the transfer period. On that note, there are five teams leading the pack for what Moises Caicedo’s next club will be. And as you’ll soon find out from the respective odds supplied for each prospective team, Caicedo is closer to signing for some clubs over others.

Check out the odds for Moises Caicedo's next club prospects right here.

Chelsea @ 4/7 (1.57) Odds 

There is one big reason for Chelsea having the shortest odds here. Specifically, Chelsea have already made two bids for the Ecuadorian international, although they’ve been unsuccessful on both occasions. Regardless, it’s clear that Chelsa want to be Caicedo’s next club, and they want him badly.

As for the value of the bids that have been made, the most recent bid was £80 million. Yet Brighton value Caicedo at a significantly higher price than that, so Chelsea will need to look deeper into their wallets to ink this talented midfielder.

Brighton @ 7/4 (2.75) Odds 

It’s not overly surprising to see that Brighton comes in as the 2nd most likely club to have Caicedo on their books next season. After all, he is currently a Brighton player, and Brighton are showing no signs of being willing to let him go for a bargain price.

Therefore, it’s not an unlikely scenario whatsoever that Brighton doesn’t accept any bids for Caicedo, and for him to subsequently re-sign for Brighton for the 23/24 season. Additionally, the more bids that Brighton rejects for Moises Caicedo, the shorter these odds will become.

Liverpool @ 16/1 (17.00) Odds 

Liverpool has the third shortest odds to become Moises Caicedo’s next club. With that said, Liverpool hasn’t made any bids for the player, so why would they be third in line? Well, with Caicedo being one of the top defensive midfielders in the Premier League right now, and with Liverpool losing Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, he would be an ideal replacement.

Arsenal @ 25/1 (26.00) Odds 

Once the odds get into this kind of range, it’s fair to share that the rumors are somewhat speculative. Yet an Arsenal effort to bag Moises Caicedo isn’t impossible. I say this because Arsenal has already completed two enormous midfield signings in the form of Declan Rice and Kai Havertz. So they are obviously targeting midfield players during this transfer period, but they’d likely need to free up some cash to make a bid for Moises Caicedo too.

Tottenham @ 33/1 (34.00) Odds 

Tottenham is spending big this Summer, and they’ve already signed four players at a total cost of close to €140. Yet of these four players, only one of them has been a midfielder. This was a deal made for James Maddison, who plays as an attacking midfielder. And because of that, it’s logical that Tottenham might choose to pursue a defensive midfielder to get the best of both worlds. Then again, there isn’t anything concrete concerning the connection between Moises Caicedo and Tottenham for the moment.