Mohammed Kudus Brighton Transfer: What’s the Latest?

In recent days, there has been some huge news in relation to a Mohammed Kudus Brighton transfer. According to the most recent reports, Kudus might just be added to a growing list of Brighton new signings over the coming days and weeks. That’s because Brighton has swept in with a bid of £35 million for the attacking player from Ghana. Such a signing would be huge for Brighton as we move into the 23/24 season. 

Mohammed Kudus Brighton Transfer

I say that since Mohammed Kudus is an extremely versatile attacker, with serious pace if played as a winger. However, he can also fit the role of an attacking midfielder too if needed, which I’m sure Brighton are fully aware of. And if they do indeed manage to get this offer accepted and sign Kudus, he would become their star man if played as an attacking midfielder. 

This is an area that Brighton needs to strengthen if they are to achieve greater success in the Premier League. However, whether Mohammed Kudus comes to Brighton or not is a debate that is still up in the air – let's give you the scoop.

Full Breakdown of the Mohammed Kudus Brighton Transfer

Given that Mohammed Kudus is just 23 years of age, and given his enormous potential, he is valued at around €40 million currently. Therefore, the £35 million transfer fee that Brighton has offered is more or less in line with what Kudus might go for. With that said, he is still in the middle of a five-year contract, which would normally cause a problem or two when it comes to the transfer market. 

Yet it seems like Brighton is in luck according to the latest developments, which brings me to the key facts in this discussion.

£35 Million Transfer Fee

Looking at the confirmed reports that have sprung up this weekend, Ajax has reportedly accepted a transfer fee of £35 million for Mohammed Kudus. So based on that news alone, it seems like Ajax is happy with the bid that’s been offered. Additionally, no major obstacles have come through as part of the Mohammed Kudus Brighton transfer reports. Therefore, it’s fair to think that if the other contract details are satisfactory for all parties involved, then Kudus will officially become a Seagull for the upcoming season.

After all, it’s the transfer fee that often causes the initial speed bump in any negotiation. And Brighton has now moved beyond that hump by getting the transfer fee accepted. 

Specifics of Contract Still in Question

Here is where the waters get a little murky, so to speak. While the transfer fee has been given the nod of approval by Ajax, talks must now begin between Mohammed Kudus and Brighton as to what the deal will be. So far, no indications have been made as to the possible length of the contract, what his salary might be, or whether there will be any other performance-related bonuses or not. And because these specifics haven’t been agreed, or haven’t been made public at least, we cannot say that this is a done deal just yet.

However, we'd expect something official (either way) over the coming days.