Mkekabet Promo Code 2023: Free bets, Cash Backs, and more!

There is no discussing the top betting sites in Tanzania without chipping in Mkekabet. In this article, we will be taking you on a ride about the platform and most particularly about applying the Mkekabet promo code.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • The maximum free bet amount allowed is TZ 20,000
  • The free bet is redeemable at minimum odds of 2.0
Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

What to get with the Mkekabet Promo Code?

As of the time of writing this review, there is no welcome bonus available that new users can take advantage of. This is in disparity to what's attainable with most popular sportsbooks out there. The main bonus that new users get entitled to on the platform is the free bet. In that case, if you place the first bet and the first bet loses, you get an opportunity to get back your stake in free bets

So, essentially, there is no distinct need for the Mkekabet promo code. Here are some of the conditions attached to the free bet:

  • The offer is only available to new users only
  • The offer doesn't require any Mkekabet promo code to get access to it
  • The qualifying bet has to be on a sports bet. Bets on virtual games do not qualify
  • After the qualifying bet is fulfilled, the free bet will be credited to your account the next day by 4 pm
  • The free bet is only valid for 7 days
  • The maximum free bet amount allowed is TZ 20,000
  • The free bet is redeemable at minimum odds of 2.0
  • Mkekabet reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions when they choose.

mkekabet Promo code

Football Betting Markets at Mkekabet

If you have ever visited Mkekabet, you will notice that one thing that stands out is their focus on football. This doesn't imply that they have no offering for other sports, it just implies that the attention just seems to be more on football. Mkekabet is so intentional about their football market, there is practically no registered league that you can't find there. The distribution of football leagues cuts from the most popular leagues in Europe, down to the not-so-popular league like the Zambian league.

Asides from the impressive distribution of leagues, Mkekabet also makes sure there are sufficient betting options available per game. If you take a look at most of the football games at Mkekabet, especially the top leagues, you will find over 200 options to pick from. You are likely to find very popular betting options like Handicap, correct score, Over options, and rare options like the first team to score, penalties, cards, etc.

Other Betting Options

Aside from football and about 10 other sports that are offered at Mkekabet, the other available option is Virtual games. This is quite disappointing, given that other online betting sites offer far more like casino games as well. Going forward, we will look at what to expect from the virtual section of Mkekabet.

Virtual Games

As we have already emphasized, Mkekabet has a thing for football. So it comes as no surprise that the only virtual game available at Mkekabet is virtual football. The virtual football section appeals to a wide audience given the number of winnings bettors are assured there.

Not to mention the fact that games at the virtual league are available 24/7. This gives bettors who are football enthusiasts, to bet on virtual when most football games aren't active. You have the option of picking playing under four different competitions at the virtual section: V-EPL, V-La Liga, V-African N., and V-World. As we have already mentioned, The free bet you get without using any Mkekabet promo code is not valid with virtual games.

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Is the site legal?

Mkekabet is a legal entity in Tanzania. As proof of their legality, they are licensed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania.

Is it possible to cash out the free bet?

As we have already made mentioned, every new user is entitled to a free bet which is not tied to the Mkekabet promo code. This free bet has to be used to play a game that's up to 2.00 odds before it becomes withdrawable. However, without staking the free bet, it is impossible to cash it out. Failure to use the free bet offer that you don't get via the Mkekabet promo code will render it void after 7 days.

Is there a Mkekabet promo code?

There is no valid Mkekabet promo code that will be required from you in the process of registering an account. Instead of a Mkekabet promo code, what might be required of you to fill in the referral code. This referral code makes it possible for the person who referred you to the platform to get rewarded for your efforts. Also, the referral code is not equivalent to the Mkekabet promo code.

How can I register with Mkekabet?

To register with Mkekabet, you simply just have to follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit the Mkekabet official website
  • Click on the register tab at the top right of the screen
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your four-digit PIN and confirm
  • Enter your age
  • Input your referral code if you have any
  • Tick the box that attests you are up to 18 years old
  • Click on sign up

Promo code for mkekabet

Once your account is registered, all you have to do is log in with your phone number and PIN. After logging in and making a deposit, you can then place your first bet. Once your bet has been finalized, you will receive your free bet which isn't tied to a Mkekabet promo code.

How can I place a bet at Mkekabet?

You can place a bet at Mkekabet within a few minutes. This is because navigating the website is very easy and doesn't require serious know-how to make it happen. Follow the steps below to place a bet at Mkekabet:

  • Open the official Mkekabet website from your mobile or PC
  • Navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click on Log In
  • Enter your phone number and PIN
  • Tap the menu icon by the top left of the screen
  • Looking at the drop-down menu, select the sport you want to bet on
  • Look through the leagues, competitions, and games available for that sport
  • Make selections by clicking on each game and clicking on your preferred selection per game
  • Proof-check the selections made to be sure they are no mistakes
  • Enter your stake
  • Click on the “Place Bet” icon to finalize your bet.
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What is a multi-bet bonus?

A multi-bet bonus is a bonus that's awarded on accumulator bets. These bonuses require no special Mkekabet bonus code to be eligible for it. So, rid your mind of finding any Mkekabet bonus code for this purpose. With the multi-bet bonus, you tend to have a chance at getting a 25% bonus on your accumulator bets. As expected the percentage of bonus that will be added to your winnings is a factor of the number of selections on your bet slip. Bet slips with 5 selections have about a 10% bonus attached. While bet slips containing 13-15 selections have up to 25% bonus attached to them.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

The most utilized withdrawal method at Mkekabet is Mobile Money. The steps involved to withdraw your Mobile Money are pretty much straightforward. To withdraw via SMS, simply type W**space**amount** and send to 15739. Once that has been done, your Mobile Money account will be credited. There are no added charges required to process withdrawals at Mkekabet. The minimum withdrawal allowed at Mkekabet is TSH 200.

What are the other bonuses offered?

Asides from the free bet and the multi-bet bonus, Mkekabet also makes room for two other bonuses: one-cut-money-back and power play bonus. With the power play bonus, it is set aside to reward your loyalty to the platform. Basically, when you place at least 10 bets in a week, you get free bet rewards. There are two levels of the rewards: power mini and power max.

You are entitled to a power mini bonus when you place at least 10 bets a week with each at a minimum stake of Tzs 3,000. The Power Max on the other hand is awarded to you when you place a minimum of 10 bets a week, with each of the bets having a stake of Tzs 10,000 and above. The power play bonus doesn't require a mkekabet bonus code to activate.

Another bonus that's available for existing users on the platform is the out-money-back bonus. Like the name implies, this bonus makes you eligible for a cashback one of your selections cuts your slip out of a minimum of 7 selections. The value of the cashback increases with the number of selections on the bet slip. As is the case with other bonuses, you don't need a mkekabet bonus code to get this bonus.

mkekabet Bonus code

What to do if the Mkekabet bonus code doesn't work?

As we have already stressed enough in this article, there is no valid Mkekabet bonus code. None of the bonuses are tied to a promo code for Mkekabet.

Does Mkekabet have the cash-out feature?

The cashout feature has gained popularity amongst sportsbooks given how well bettors love it. The feature gives you a chance to take a part of your expectations while your bet is still active. This feature has saved a lot of bets which eventually didn't come through and helped bettors to not lose out on all fronts. The feature is one of the numerous features you can enjoy at Mkekebet.

Overall Summary

Mkekabet offers a sportsbook that's every inch what's expected of a sportsbook. The site features a simplistic approach to design, with blue and white being the base colours. With those colours, the site appears to be very much easy on the eyes which also enhances navigation around the site. The site focuses more on sports, and most particularly on football. This explains why there are more football markets at the sportsbook than any other section. Mkekabet also makes provision for some juicy bonuses that bettors on the site can take advantage of. None of these bonuses require a special promo code for Mkekabet to activate.

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What to improve on

Mkekabet gets a lot of things right, however, there are some aspects that bettors might not like. For one, the unavailability of more gaming options is a problem. As is the case with most online betting sites, they try to feature not just sports but markets on casino games and virtual. This is not the case with Mkekabet. This will make them lose a fraction of prospects who particularly take a liking to betting on casino games. Hopefully, shortly there might be provision for more of these games on the sites. Also, the payment options are so limited. sportsbooks provide quite several payment options to pick from, in case of any inconsistency with one payment channel.

It is rare to find online betting platforms that are without flaws. However, what is important is that it has the basics to ensure you enjoy a smooth betting experience. Looking at all that's been discussed so far, Mkekabet has all it takes. On that basis, we highly recommend this platform and we rate it 90%.