Matchbook Grand National Offers 2023: The best Grand National betting offers!

If you are yet to become a Matchbook customer, you can make use of both the sign up offer as well as the existing player bonuses.

Bonus & Offers details
£30 Welcome Offer - Money Back as a Free bet if Your First Bet Loses.

The user must enter Bonus Code during registration. Minimum Odds of 1.8 for first bet to qualify. Losses will be refunded on first bet only, as a free bet - up to £30. Users cannot back and lay the same selection on the first bet.

Only open to users who deposit via debit or credit card.

New Customers Only. 18+. Be Gamble Aware.

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

Matchbook Grand National offers 2023

In case you didn’t already know, the Grand National is scheduled to be held on March 17th. That’s quite literally just a few weeks away! And if you haven’t already done so, you need to be checking out the Matchbook Grand National offers for some of the largest bonuses around. Just to give you an indicator of what’s in store with Matchbook, you can expect Money Back as a Free bet, boosted prices, and so much more.

Not bad going, right? In order to maximize the value, you get from this site and ensure you are aware of all of the great Grand National betting offers, we’ve provided details on these bonuses throughout. Of course, you must be over the age of 18 and be a UK resident to register. But if you fit the bill, you are good to go!

Welcome offer – Matchbook Grand National offers for new signups

We’ve mentioned above that Matchbook has a selection of Money Back as a Free bet bonuses, and this one is the largest of them all. In fact, of all the Matchbook Grand National offers, this one is the most appealing in our opinion. Right now, if you register with Matchbook while using the associated promo code (RISKFREE), you can get started with a £20 free bet. Of course, this wager can be used on the upcoming Grand National. That’s why we wanted to share this fantastic bonus with you ahead of the UK’s biggest horse racing event.

With this said, it’s important that you are aware of exactly how to claim this bonus. Besides signing up with the promo code, you must also deposit and wager funds. The initial deposit needs to be a value over £25, and you must use a debit card. From that point, you can then take a swing at any Grand National market with odds above 1.80. This is the minimum odds stated where you can still receive the offer.

If the bet comes through, congratulations – you’ll receive the profits. But if not, you will receive a 100% refund up to a value of £20. That’s why the offer is displayed as Money Back as a Free bet. And of all the Matchbook Grand National offers, it’s hard to get better value than this. Finally, if you do receive the refund, you’ll notice that the refund is given in cash.

Again, this is better than other Grand National betting offers because you won’t have to wager the refund as a free bet. You can simply cash out the money if you want!

Grand National betting offers at Matchbook for existing customers

As you are aware, the bonus shown above can only be redeemed if you join as a new customer. This means that current Matchbook customers cannot redeem the stated bonus. However, there are other Matchbook Grand National offers reserved for current members that are also fairly appealing. Details of these bonuses are provided below.

Extra places

If you browse around the top betting sites in the UK, extra place incentives will pop up fairly regularly. That’s why this particular incentive is one of the most popular of all Matchbook Grand National offers. Essentially, an extra place incentive casts a wider net for a possible win with your wager. Instead of your selected horse needing to finish inside the top three, it could finish inside the top 3 or 4 and still be a winner. Matchbook has fairly good odds compared with other sites for this incentive too.

In some cases, Grand National betting offers at other sites that relate to this will display much lower odds than the standard ‘to place’ bets. Naturally, this diminishes the value of your bet, even though on the surface, it may seem like a better play.

Profit boosts

Whenever you place a bet on the Grand National, you can instantly see what the profits could be with Matchbook. And by deducting your stake from the total returns, you can work out your potential profit. However, what if there was a way to boost the potential profit without increasing your stake? Well, thanks to profit boosts as part of the many Matchbook Grand National offers, there is! For several betting types associated with the Grand National, Matchbook will hand out some additional profit on top of winning bets.

In some cases, the boosts can be as high as 10% on top of your original winnings. Of course, the higher the original profits, the higher the boost will be. This is fairly common for bets made through specials or accumulators. But just keep in mind that this won’t always apply to ‘lay bets’, which can also be made since Matchbook operates as an exchange.


If you ever find that you’re a little bored with the mainstream markets, you may want to switch your attention over to the specials. At the time of writing, Matchbook has a nice selection of Grand National specials. These can be viewed through the main exchange. And the first thing you’ll notice with this is that the markets aren’t what you’d call traditional. In fact, they are anything but. Matchbook, as other sites also do, create their own markets linked to things like jockeys, trainers, and other categories too.

The odds are usually pretty enticing for Grand National specials. And in some cases, the Matchbook Grand National offers can also be used to bet on these markets. This is subject to individual bonus terms, however, so we advise that you read the small print before assuming anything.

Matchbook's top features in addition to the Grand National betting offers

We’ve hammered home the appeal of the many Matchbook Grand National offers at this point. And you are probably well aware of what’s on the table in the bonus department if you’ve come this far. So at this point, we feel it’s beneficial to turn our attention to some of the more desirable features found at the Matchbook site. Note that all of the features we are about to talk about are accessible to all customers. Let’s begin:

Back and lay betting

We wanted to highlight this as a feature as this really does differentiate Matchbook from other sportsbooks. We’ve mentioned earlier that Matchbook operates as a betting exchange. This means that you have the ability to make back and lay bets. If this sounds completely foreign right now, don’t worry, we will clear it up. Back bets are essentially traditional bets that can be made at most online sportsbooks. Here is where you are betting that a particular outcome will come true.

But with Matchbook, you do have the option of betting against an outcome coming true. This is known as lay betting, and it’s a great way to offset some of the risks from mainstream wagering. For both options, the odds available are sublime with Matchbook. And at the same time, you can indeed use another operator, Paddy Power Grand National offers, to take a punt on these options.

Enhanced specials

If you’ve read through the information above, you’ll be aware that specials are available with Matchbook. However, this particular feature manages to combine specials with boosted odds to create a cocktail of betting value. With that said, at the moment, enhanced specials for the Grand National are still making their way forward. But as the event approaches, we do feel that more and more enhanced specials will emerge for the Grand National.

And by betting on these, you are wagering on some pretty unique markets, while increasing your possible returns at the same time. Talk about a win-win situation!

Reduced commission rates

In case you didn’t already know, Matchbook makes their money by taking a commission on winning wagers. This is another way that they are a little different from mainstream bookmakers. Typical bookies will simply make their money from the losing bets of many punters. But Matchbook doesn’t work that way. You can also see this same system at sites like Betfair and Smarkets – two major betting exchanges in the UK. With Matchbook, the base commission rate is fixed at 5%.

So if you were to place a bet with a profit of £100, £5 would be shaved right off the top in the form of commissions. But through Matchbook Grand National offers, this commission can be cut to 0% for new customers and as low as 2% for existing customers. The only downside to this is that the commission cuts aren’t specified until the very beginning of the event.

Matchbook grand national offers

Multiples builder

In the UK, placing accumulator wagers is extremely common. This is where you combine several markets into one huge bet slip. The odds get multiplied together in this form of betting, but you must get every single bet correct to gain any profit. Putting the way in which the bet works aside, Matchbook has a nice feature known as a multiples builder. This is where you can apply certain filters to find key markets that you want to add to your slip. Believe us – this can save a ton of time!

You can constantly see what you have in your bet slip on the edge of the page too, making things even easier. In terms of the filters that can be used, you can apply filters for odds, market type, and so much more.

Live betting

Now we come to the final feature of the Matchbook site – live betting. Before we get into this, however, let us stress that some Matchbook Grand National offers such as free bets won’t strictly be eligible for this form of wagering. Now that we’ve cleared this up, let us highlight how this particular feature works. Once the Grand National kicks off, you’ll witness a surge in bets and fluctuating odds with Matchbook. That’s because, with live betting, the odds react to what is occurring during the event.

And if you are quick on the trigger, you can snap up some great odds on certain horses. It does depend on how the race plays out yes, but this is definitely something to keep in your back pocket on Grand National day.

Matchbook Grand National Offers FAQs

Will more Grand National betting offers materialize as the race comes closer?

We believe that more bonuses will become available over the coming week or so, yes. However, we obviously cannot provide an answer with 100% certainty for this.

What is the eligibility criteria for Grand National betting offers for existing customers?

There isn’t really any eligibility criteria for Grand National betting offers as far as existing players go. All of the promotions that are advertised can be claimed by any and all customers.

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“text”: “There isn’t really any eligibility criteria for Grand National betting offers as far as existing players go. All of the promotions that are advertised can be claimed by any and all customers.”

Is it possible to redeem Matchbook Grand National offers on mobile?

Absolutely. All of the offers we have talked about here can be claimed on mobile. This is true for the Matchbook mobile site and the Matchbook mobile app.

Does Matchbook limit the number of bonuses that can be redeemed?

Not at all. And for that reason, we would encourage you to redeem as many Matchbook Grand National offers as you can. This is a great way to increase your value when betting on this site.

Can I cash out funds obtained through Matchbook Grand National offers?

In most cases, you won’t be able to cash out the funds obtained through these offers, no.

Where can I view the terms and conditions for these offers?

There is a link to the terms and conditions of these bonuses alongside each offer.

Does the debit card requirement apply to Grand National betting offers for existing players?

Unless specific, the debit card requirement does not apply to existing player bonuses.

Must I opt-in to claim any of the Matchbook Grand National offers?

You must opt-in for the Matchbook welcome offer, yes. But for all of the offers, this isn’t necessary.

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