World Cup 2022 Qatar: All Legal Online Streaming Information you need

With the world cup 2022 on the horizon, football fans need to look at streaming services that will show all the fixtures. In the UK, two TV channels will cover the whole tournament. In this article, we will discuss the legal online streaming info and where UK football fans can stream those channels.

Legal online streaming info – Where to watch the 2022 world cup in the UK?

Football fans in the UK get to watch the world cup on both BBC and ITV. Both these channels are free and everyone with a valid TV license in the UK can watch them. The final of Qatar 2022 will be available on both those channels. Nevertheless, that covers where to watch on TV but what about online streaming? The easiest way for people in the UK to get some world cup football live streaming is through the BBC iPlayer or the ITV Hub. These are the online streaming versions of the above-mentioned channels. So, if you have an account with them, you can just log in to their online service and watch the world cup fixtures. Even if you are out of the country, you can still log in and watch.

Legal online streaming info

On the other hand, some people might prefer to use the subscription they have with a TV provider to watch the tournament. Almost all of them have an app or an online browser where you can stream the games instead of watching them on the TV. Below, we will share the legal online streaming info about the most popular TV providers in the UK.

World cup football live streaming

Football fans in the UK have several ways of streaming the world cup tournament. Most of the popular TV providers offer an app or a browser version of their service so customers can stream on their desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Here are some of the most popular options:

Sky TV – Customers of Sky TV can download the Sky Go app and stream the world cup tournament. The Sky service has all the BBC and ITV channels which means all the fixtures will be covered. People who have a subscription to Sky TV also get Sky Mobile. It's a feature where they can stream Sky TV on the go without spending mobile data.

Virgin TV – The Virgin Media brand is one of the best in the world when it comes to telecommunications, internet services, and television. Their customers can download the Virgin TV Go app to stream this tournament. Their offer has ITV, BBC, and even non-UK channels where the world cup is streamed. For no additional cost, Virgin TV customers can register up to 5 devices and stream on two devices at the same time.

BT TV – Another popular UK TV provider that offers an app that customers can download on their mobile devices or computers. ITV and BBC channels are part of the BT TV service so UK football fans can enjoy the whole world cup.

TalkTalk TV and NOW TV are also an option for people in the UK. At the end of the day, as far as legal online streaming info goes, they can simply go with the free channels. That way there is no need to pay for a digital tv or an online streaming service. A simple UK TV license is enough to be able to watch on BBC and/or ITV.

Other options for online streaming

Putting BBC and ITV aside, there are options for UK players to stream the world cup online without the need for these two channels. The US streaming service Peacock TV is available through Sky and NOW brands in the UK. So, football fans in the UK have alternative channels where they can watch the world cup. Peacock TV will bring you games that will air on Fox Sports channels. It's a whole different broadcast with different commentators. It can be exciting to have both options available and switch between them. England games will be better covered on ITV/BBC but some other fixtures might be more interesting on Peacock or other streaming services.

Legal online streaming info

Lastly, there is some additional legal online streaming info we want to share. If you happen to be outside of the UK during the world cup, there are streaming options depending on your location. Fox Sports will be covering the tournament in the USA, TSN takes the reigns in Canada while SBS covers the fixtures in Australia. Hulu and Bell Media accounts can help you stream the fixtures in these territories. If you are in any country in Europe, each one has its own coverage which is easy to get.


What channels will stream the 2022 World Cup?

As with previous tournaments of this type, BBC and ITV share the broadcasting rights.

Where can football fans in the UK get these channels?

BBC/ITV is available to every person who has a valid UK TV license. Additionally, these channels are available on digital tv services like Sky, Virgin, BT, etc. For those who want to go in a different direction, a streaming service like Peacock TV is also available in the UK.

What if I want to watch the tournament on my laptop?

The BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub are available if you want to stream BBC/ITV channels on a PC, laptop, mobile phone, and/or tablet. Any customer that has a UK TV license or an account with any of the digital tv/streaming services can download an app and stream the games online.

What if you are outside the UK during the world cup?

There will be different streaming services depending on the territory where you are at the moment. For instance, Peacock TV, Hulu, and DirecTV are available in the USA, Bell Media covers the tournament in Canada, etc. Sadly, UK streaming services are not available outside of the country without the use of a VPN.

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