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As well as starring on Channel 4's  The Last Leg, comedian Josh Widdicombe hosts his own successful 90s football podcast and Football Whispers sat down with him to discuss his former life as a sports writer at The Guardian, his love of the decade, and feelings towards Manchester United.

Along with his various and regular appearances across British television – which have most recently culminated in his own BBC Three sitcom series called, simply, Josh – Widdicombe co-hosts the podcast Quickly Kevin alongside Chris Scull.

The podcast focuses on football from the 1990s, an era that Widdicombe calls the “last seemingly innocent decade of football, before it became totally big-business”, and it's easy to see why he is so charmed by the period.

The show's name is derived from the moment Brian Moore turned to Kevin Keegan, with the pair commentating over England's penalty shootout against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup, to ask: “Quickly Kevin” (as David Batty runs up to take one that he needed to score to keep England in the tournament) “you know him best, will he score, yes or no?”

Keegan duly predicts that Batty will score, just seconds before the midfielders sees his effort saved, thus creating an iconic soundbite. It's just one of a string of 90s snippets that feature in the show's introductory theme, and which provide Widdicombe and Scull with copious material upon which to base their shows.

You can watch the full interview with Widdicombe, above.

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