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It took nearly four months but it was worth the wait to see Alexandre Lacazette, Alexis Sánchez and Mesut Özil together in action for Arsenal.

Their demolition of Everton at the end of October was the first time the trio had been on the pitch at the same time since Lacazette joined in July and it proved devastating.

Arsenal recorded 30 attempts on goal and found the net five times. As poor as the Toffees were, it was an impressive attacking display from the Gunners.

At the heart of it were Lacazette, Özil and Sanchez. The trio combined well throughout the course of the 90 minutes at Goodison Park and left with a goal each to their name.

It was a demonstration of how threatening Arsenal can be this season if they can get all three of their attacking stars on the pitch together.

Arsène Wenger is naturally well aware of this and he spoke towards the end of August about his excitement of seeing them in action as a unit.

“I think they should [bring the best out of each other], there are all the ingredients there,” he said.

“Their cooperation looks promising because there is no reason why…the two (Lacazette and Sánchez) are good goalscorers, the two are good finishers, the two are good passers, the two have good assists – that means they can find each other.

“The rest will be more about the desire to play with each other, but usually the good players have that. Not always.”

Wenger’s assertion that sometimes big players don’t always click when thrown together perhaps partly explains his reluctance in deploying his attacking trio until now.

There is, of course, Özil’s injury problems to consider and Sánchez’s international exploits. There is also the fact Lacazette has been slowly blooded into English football to bear in mind too.

However, Wenger’s fears over three great players clicking must be considered too and an old conversation he had with Javier Mascherano highlights this.

The Frenchman revealed earlier this season that he spoke with the Barcelona defender when Luis Suárez joined the Spanish club back in 2014. That move brought together the Uruguayan, Lionel Messi and Neymar.

The trio would go on to become one of the greatest frontlines in world football, later being dubbed ‘MSN’.

But before they took all before them by storm, Wenger says even then there were doubts as to how they would work together.

“I think that was the question we all had when Suárez went to Barcelona and they had already Neymar and Messi,” said Wenger in August.

“I remember I had a conversation with Mascherano before the season when Suarez moved over there.

“We both came to the conclusion if it works, it will be fantastic, but it can be as well a disaster because they can kill each other as well. But one of the qualities of Suarez is he manages to get the best out of people around him.

“He did that with Uruguay. He did that at Liverpool as well, you had [Daniel] Sturridge and [Raheem] Sterling – they scored over 100 goals.

“And that is a quality that is important and sometimes you cannot measure so much because you only look at the number of goals a guy has scored.

“But sometimes the way he can marry with people around him decides the quality of the team.”

That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Arsenal’s front three this season, who some supporters have already begun dubbing the ‘Holy Trinity’.

They clicked versus the Toffees to the point Everton were left clueless and it was the way they worked as a unit that would have most pleased Wenger. Sánchez assisted Özil; Özil assisted Lacazette. There was no chance for Pep Guardiola or anyone to label them a one-man team.

Countless other times the trio also combined well and it would appear Lacazette is the perfect foil for Sánchez and Özil. He has the pace to stretch defenders, but crucially he can drop off his marker and create space for others to drive into.

When he arrived on these shores, many viewed Lacazette as purely a poaching No.9 given his goal record at Lyon. But, in reality, he is much more than that and he is showing it now after getting the chance to play alongside Özil and Sánchez.

If Arsenal can continue to line up all three together then there is no reason they cannot move up the table. There are few teams who could live with such a forward line, nor are there many who could field a better attacking unit.

They only worry is, how long until the Holy Trinity is torn apart?

The January transfer window is only a month away and there is already speculation that Özil and Sánchez could be off.

So, while Wenger may have finally found his very own MSN, it could all prove to be too little too late.