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Jurgen Klopp is to blame.

Liverpool are in a rut and Jurgen Klopp is to blame for everything. He’s the reason the Reds have just one win in their last 10 matches. When analysing why the club were knocked out of two cup competitions inside the space of a week he’s the main culprit. The former Borussia Dortmund manager even publicly shouldered the blame for why the no new faces arrived in January.

Following on from the 2-0 defeat to relegation threatened Hull City the manager had this to say:

“I cannot change my answer only because we played bad football today. I cannot say ‘yes it would be fantastic if the club gave me the opportunity’, we had from the club side the opportunity to do something but we didn’t find the right players.

“That’s because the players were not available. We tried different things, it’s not a money issue or whatever different reason. I take everything. If you say now ‘not enough players, not good enough players’ I have to take it.

“We have to show the reaction but it will not change my answers because of things like this after a game which I’m not happy about.”

He’s the main antagonist in the Liverpool story as he continues to use the same starting XI, with identical tactics, while inexplicably leaving substitutes until the final third of the match. It’s almost self sabotage.

It’s as though the Liverpool matches really are scripted these days yet fans are still tuning in just to have a good old moan afterwards.

They start off well, dominate the ball and are unlucky with a few chances. They then concede a sloppy set-piece goal after failing to clear the initial cross and the opposition revert back to 10-men behind the ball just looking to smother space. The Reds continue to move the ball side to side with very little zip and without carving out a clear cut chance while the opposing team threaten to counter.

Depending on which of the versions you’re watching, Liverpool either score a goal before conceding themselves late-on or simply don’t manage to score at all but still see their defence breached.

The opposition are now nullifying the attack made up of Adam Lallana, Philippe Coutinho, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino which is in turn putting the Liverpool defence under the magnifying glass. As expected they are cracking under the pressure. In the last 10 matches in all competitions the team have kept just the two clean sheets – both coming against League Two side Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup.

They have conceded two goals in each of the matches against Sunderland, Wolves and Hull City. Three against Swansea City and once in the games against Manchester United, Southampton (twice) and Chelsea.

Hull City v Liverpool - Premier League


Jurgen Klopp needs to accept responsibility

Fans lauded him as he guided the team into 2017 sat in second position and lapped it up when he said “They (Chelsea) won 13 games in a row. Not bad. Can you imagine how annoying it is when you win 13 games in a row and there is still one team only six points behind?”.

For what it’s worth the gap between the two sides now stands at 13 points and the Reds haven’t won in the league since those quotes.

Perhaps he got a little ahead of himself when he attempted to play mind games with Antonio Conte and Chelsea but football is supposed to be fun, isn't it?

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League

If you can't enjoy yourself and get lost in the moment after 13 wins in 19 league matches then when can you? He had witnessed his side take maximum points off of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Everton as well as picking up draws against Manchester United and Spurs.

They had scored three or more in eight of those 19 matches. On top of that, his two big money summer signings had both delivered in important games. Mane scored what turned out to be the winner in matches against Arsenal and Everton while Gini Wijnaldum scored the decider against Manchester City.


The German manager is to blame for Liverpool fans looking at football with a glass half full feeling as opposed to the cynical, glass half empty outlook on things which has, sadly, become the norm for a fanbase starved of a Premier League crown for more than a quarter-century,

Klopp is a villain for giving the Liverpool fans the belief that they could compete for the title. He's to blame for getting the very best out of a mediocre squad. He's the reason people are now disappointed to be sat in fifth position and just four points off of second after 24 matches. When, despite not winning a league game in the month of January the team are still in the hunt for Champions League football.

He’s the victim of his own success. Supporters got used to a lavish lifestyle of being able to watch Match of the Day every single weekend. They took for granted being able to to looking upwards instead of over their shoulders.

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League

It's the hope that kills you, and he's to blame for allowing the red half of Liverpool to believe once again.

He showcased what he's capable of, and instead of hounding him out of not being able to sustain it, fans should be wondering what he'll be able to do when he has more “Jurgen Klopp” players at his disposal.