Josko Gvardiol Transfer Fee: Full Details of the Man City Deal

It’s official – news has come through of the Josko Gvardiol transfer fee and it’s confirmed that the Croatian defender will be in blue next season. After plenty of back worth, Man City have finally inked the man that could boost their central defense massively. In fact, we produced a full breakdown of why Man City should sign Josko Gvardiol not long ago. And since then, Man City has obviously made the necessary moves to secure his services. 

Josko Gvardiol Transfer Fee

As for the official Josko Gvardiol transfer fee, the deal has been completed for a fee of £77.6 million. This makes him the most significant Man City signing of the entire transfer window, at least from a monetary perspective. As for the full details of this deal, let’s work our way through them right now.

Josko Gvardiol Signs for Manchester City – A Breakdown of the Deal

News of Josko Gvardiol’s confirmed signing only came through in the early hours of Saturday morning (August 5th). Of course, many had speculated that a deal was about to be announced for a week or two already. Yet as we all know, when it comes to the transfer market, nothing is official until the papers are signed. However, Man City and RB Leipzig have finally agreed on terms for Josko Gvardiol, and he actually completed a medical at Manchester City on Friday, August 4th.

Since he obviously passed that medical, Man City have now deemed it appropriate to announce to the world that Josko Gvardiol is now in their squad. And as promised, I’d like to share the specifics of the deal now so that you know what terms have been agreed.

The Gvardiol Transfer Fee

As is the case in any transfer deal, I wish to start by discussing Josko Gvardiol’s transfer fee once again. Earlier, I stated that the transfer fee that was paid by Man City was £77.6 million, which is approximately €90 million. To give that fee some perspective, the only other guy that Man City has signed this summer is Mateo Kovacic. As for the difference in fees for these two deals, Man City paid €29.10 million for this midfielder, whereas they paid around €60 million more to sign Josko Gvardiol.

Then again, Josko Gvardiol is just 21 years of age, while Mateo Kovacic is 29, so the estimated long-term value of these players is night and day really. 

Intricate Details of Gvardiol’s Man City Contract

Now let’s move beyond the Josko Gvardiol transfer fee and look at the finer details of the deal that’s been made with Man City. For starters, I can confirm that he has signed a five-year deal, meaning that his current contract will only expire in August 2028. At that point, Josko Gvardiol will be 26 years of age, and hopefully, he will have helped Man City to achieve more great things during these years. 

As for other details such as performance bonuses or his salary, these terms have yet to be made public. But when they do, I’m sure it will make for a very interesting read. However, we shall just need to sit tight and wait for these details to come through.