Inter Miami predicted lineup analysis: Can Messi do it against LA Galaxy?

Inter Miami's last performance saw them secure a hard-fought draw against a tough opponent, showcasing their resilience on the field. In the previous season, they displayed moments of brilliance, but consistency was elusive. Their opponent, LA Galaxy, is a formidable side with a rich history in MLS.

The partnership between Messi and Suarez brings a wealth of experience and attacking prowess to Inter Miami's frontline, potentially unlocking new dimensions in their gameplay.

Inter Miami Predicted Lineup Analysis


Drake Callender

Drake Callender, Inter Miami's goalkeeper, is renowned for his exceptional shot-stopping abilities, often making crucial saves to deny opposition goals. His agility and reflexes will be paramount against LA Galaxy, as he aims to keep the opposition's potent attack at bay and secure a positive result for his team.

Jordi Alba of Inter Miami – Photo by Icon Sport

Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba's seamless partnership with Messi on the left flank provides Inter Miami with a potent attacking outlet against LA Galaxy. His overlapping runs and precise crosses are instrumental in creating scoring opportunities, amplifying the team's offensive threat and potentially unlocking LA Galaxy's defence.

Serhiy Kryvstov

Serhiy Kryvstov's defensive prowess will be pivotal for Inter Miami against LA Galaxy, as his strength, positioning, and ability to read the game effectively bolster the team's backline. Expect him to play a crucial role in thwarting the opposition's attacks and maintaining defensive solidity throughout the match.

Tomas Aviles

Tomas Aviles will play a key role for Inter Miami against LA Galaxy, utilizing his pace and skill on the wings to stretch the opposition's defence and create scoring opportunities. His dynamic presence in the attacking third will be crucial in providing width and penetration to the team's offensive maneuvers.

DeAndre Yedlin

DeAndre Yedlin's leadership at the helm of Inter Miami has been instrumental, marshalling the defence with his experience and tenacity. His consistent performances and ability to drive forward from the back will be vital assets against LA Galaxy, providing both defensive solidity and an attacking threat down the flanks.

Inter Miami's defence is to concede at least one goal.


Julian Gressel

Julian Gressel's versatility and creative flair make him a key asset for Inter Miami, offering support to Sergio Busquets in midfield and providing an additional attacking dimension against LA Galaxy. His ability to link play and deliver incisive passes will be crucial in unlocking the opposition's defence and creating scoring opportunities.

Sergio Busquets of Inter Miami – Photo by Icon Sport

Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets' unparalleled technical prowess and astute game reading will be vital for Inter Miami in controlling the midfield battle against LA Galaxy. His ability to dictate the tempo of the game and provide defensive stability will be crucial in neutralizing the opposition's attacking threats and orchestrating his team's build-up play.

Diego Gomez

Diego Gómez's speed and agility make him a potent asset for Inter Miami, both in attack and defence, especially against a dynamic opponent like LA Galaxy. His ability to swiftly transition from defence to attack and vice versa allows him to cover ground effectively and contribute to the team's overall balance.

Inter Miami's midfield to get at least one yellow card.


Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor, the young talent at Inter Miami, is benefiting immensely from learning alongside Messi, absorbing invaluable lessons that enhance his game. As he prepares for the match against LA Galaxy, Taylor's growth is evident, displaying glimpses of Messi's finesse, vision, and tactical intelligence on the field.

With each interaction and observation, Taylor's development accelerates, poised to make a significant impact on the pitch as he continues to refine his skills under Messi's mentorship.

Luis Suarez

As Luis Suárez joins Inter Miami in MLS, his partnership with Messi is highly anticipated, known for their seamless combination play that has mesmerized fans worldwide. Suárez's arrival adds a lethal dimension to Inter Miami's attack, bringing his prolific goal-scoring ability and astute link-up play.

Against LA Galaxy, Suárez's chemistry with Messi could prove decisive, as they aim to replicate their successful partnership on the MLS stage, creating numerous scoring opportunities and posing a constant threat to the opposition defence.

Lionel Messi getting past opponents – Photo by Icon Sport

Lionel Messi

As the talismanic figure for Inter Miami, Messi's performances have been nothing short of exceptional, showcasing his unmatched skill and influence on the pitch. While facing LA Galaxy presents a formidable challenge in MLS, Messi's unparalleled talent and experience make him more than capable of overcoming any obstacle.

With his ability to unlock defences, create scoring opportunities, and deliver moments of brilliance, Messi remains the key to Inter Miami's success, and his determination to excel against tough opposition like LA Galaxy will undoubtedly drive him to shine on the field.

Lionel Messi to score or assist against LA Galaxy.

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