How much is Romelu Lukaku worth? Here’s the possible Juventus transfer fee

At 30 years of age, it seems as though he fancies a move to Italy on a more permanent basis, but how much is  Romelu Lukaku worth?

Having spent the 22/23 season on loan at Inter Milan, Lukaku has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to stay at Chelsea.

It seems like the feeling is mutual too, and as a result, there are plenty of rumors out there regarding Lukaku’s next club.

But of the many clubs that are listed as potential destinations for Lukaku for the 23/24 season, it’s Juventus that is leading the pack.

These behemoths of Italian football are heavily linked to Lukaku at the moment, yet they’ve only got a few weeks to complete the deal.

However, for those who think that this doesn’t give Juventus much time, news has recently broken through that Lukaku has agreed to a three-year deal at Juventus. Yet while this shows that Lukaku is likely to end up at Juventus, this is by no means a confirmed move.

Romelu Lukaku Worth

That’s because terms still need to be agreed concerning the Juventus transfer fee for Lukaku. And this transfer is still conditional on the departure of Duhan Vlahovic too.

So things are up in the air at the moment, although it’s definitely looking more likely that Lukaku will be a Juventus man next season thanks to developments over the last 24 hours. As for the finer details, let’s delve a little deeper.

How much is Romelu Lukaku worth to Juventus? – A full overview

Having bounced around between Chelsea and Inter Milan for several seasons, it’s good to see that Lukaku is now pursuing a more permanent move.

And to cut right to the chase, Romelu Lukaku has an estimated market value of approximately €40 million, at the moment.

This is much lower than his highest overall market value of €100 million. Then again, he is now in his 30s, so this is just the natural cycle of football. With that said, when Lukaku joined Chelsea from Inter Milan in 2021, the Blues paid €113 million for the Belgian striker.

So we can work with this figure as a benchmark for what the likely Juventus transfer fee might be for Romelu Lukaku. Yet there are more moving parts to this possible move due to the public condition of Vlahovic needing to leave Juventus.

This has created a situation where a player swap is now the ideal solution for both clubs, but it all depends on whether the figures are right. 

Speaking of which, Juventus are demanding €50 million for Vlahovic, and Lukaku must be thrown in as part of the deal. This would make sense given that Chelsea are reportedly setting a €40 million price tag on Lukaku.

However, because of that, and due to Juventus needing to boost their bank balance, many believe that this swap deal could go through with just a €40 million fee paid to Juventus by Chelsea.

And to finish with a bit of clarity on this deal, negotiations are currently ongoing.

So of course, I will be monitoring these developments closely, as things could move rapidly over the coming days.