How much is Benjamin Pavard worth? Here’s the possible Man Utd transfer fee

Bayern Munich’s number five looks like he might be heading to the Premier League according to the latest Man Utd transfer fee that’s been submitted for him. That’s right – Benjamin Pavard could soon be a Red Devil, although fees and contracts still need to be agreed upon.

The potential Benjamin Pavard Man Utd transfer is an interesting one given that United are still also on the lookout for a midfielder and another forward. However, they are rumoured to be willing to part with a significant amount of cash to get the versatile defender. Just how you ask? Well, let's find out. 

Benjamin Pavard Transfer Fee

On that note, the story might still be developing surrounding Pavard’s move to Man Utd. But with an official offer submitted, it’s game on. And I expect things to move pretty quickly given that there are just a few weeks left of the summer transfer period. Bring things back into focus, however, why don’t we take a moment to look at the likely Pavard transfer fee offered by Man Utd?

Man Utd and the Benjamin Pavard transfer fee – likely figures

At 27 years of age, Pavard is an established player. Then again, you probably already knew that since he plays for Bayern Munich! At the same time, he plays for France on the international stage – as he should do given his talents. And because of these, plus a few other factors, Pavard has caught the attention of Man Utd. So without further ado, let’s explore the possible figures involved with Pavard’s transfer fee.

Pavard’s market value

One of the main indicators we can work with for Pavard’s possible Man Utd transfer fee relates to his estimated market value. Currently, many trusted media sources place his market value in the region of €18.4 to €30.7 million. In fact, the higher end of that estimate is where Bayern Munich values the French defender. Therefore, Man Utd will probably need to be somewhere around that figure to get the deal done.

Contract status

While Pavard’s market value and the current deal are two variables that are open to interpretation, his contract status isn’t. On that note, I can confirm that Benjamin Pavard has just one year left on his Bayern Munich contract. Additionally, it’s been clear that Pavard has hoped to leave Bayern Munich for quite some time.

Anticipated Pavard transfer fee

While Pavard is reportedly ready to fight ‘as hard as possible’ to get to Old Trafford in the coming days/weeks, the fee must be right. And according to the latest reports, it’s estimated that Man Utd will need to pay somewhere in the region of £30 – £35 million to sign Pavard. That’s around €35 – €40 million, yet the deal will only be done if Maguire does leave for West Ham. This is something that Man Utd has stated before even approaching Bayern Munich to sign Pavard, and the Maguire deal still isn’t done.

On that note, the Maguire move to West Ham is under negotiation as we speak, and it’s at least looking likely that the deal will go through. So it’s simply a matter of whether the deal goes through to give Man Utd enough time to work things out with Bayern Munich and Pavard.