Hollywoodbets Bonus 2023: With Free R25 sign-up bonus

If you are familiar with the South African online betting scene, you should have come across Hollywood bets. This is one of the foremost betting sites in South Africa aimed at offering excellence in terms of betting.

Bonus & Offers details
Get A FREE R25 Sign Up Bonus!
Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

What does the Hollywoodbets bonus entail?

If you have read up until this point, it means you most likely have a keen interest in betting. If you fall under that class, you may have noticed how most sportsbooks are always eager to offer new users welcome bonuses. This platform is not excluded from the norm as they offer one of the finest bonuses you can find. With the Welcome bonus Hollywoodbets, you are offered a free R25 sign-up bonus after completing registration.

The welcome bonus Hollywood bets have some terms and conditions attached that you should be privy to. They are:

  • To be eligible for the bonus, you have to be a first time user
  • You are expected to be at least 18 years of age to be deemed fit to open an account
  • This Hollywoodbets bonus is only awarded once per customer
  • ID numbers entered during registration will be verified by demanding proper FICA documentation
  • The Hollywoodbets sign up bonus cannot be wagered on two markets in the same event
  • The minimum odds on individual markets allowed is 0.5
  • The Hollywoodbets promo code has to be used up within 24 hours, else you risk losing it entirely
  • The bookie reserves the right to make adjustments to the terms and conditions when they see fit

Hollywoodbets bonus

Football Betting Markets at Hollywoodbets

Football is one of the most loved sports in a broad range of African countries, South Africa inclusive. So it comes as no surprise that this influences the favoritism on providing more football markets by bookies. Among the sports offered on the platform, football seems to get the most attention in terms of betting markets. Hollywoodbets categorizes the top-ranking leagues first, before covering the other leagues in Alphabetical order. This explains why when you click on the Soccer section, you will find top leagues like the English Premier League, Spanish League and others, before you find the best structured in alphabetical order.

Hollywoodbets doesn't just make efforts to provide numerous football games to bet on, they also make sure of an endless list of betting markets per game. This is one of the interesting things about the football betting market at Hollywoodbets because you are not just stuck with the simple options alone. With the offerings available, you can try your hands on more uncommon markets like additional totals, first 10 minutes goals, last team to score, etc.

Other Betting Options

Every bettor's dream is to have a betting site that offers them options. No bettors like to feel like their options are limited. This explains why most bettors' choices of sticking with a bookie hinge on the range of offerings available. At Hollywoodbets, sports isn't the only thing you can place your bet on. The platform understands bettors' penchant for wanting for more away from the norm, hence they made provisions for a truckload of other games to be harnessed.

Asides from sports, one section of Hollywoodbets that gets a lot of rep is the casino section. Bettors who are particularly into casino games can explore the numerous options available here. Away from the casino, another betting option that's available is the lucky number. This is practically a lottery with some spice and it has great winning potential. There are also other fine betting options like horse racing and Jika sports which will keep you glued to the platform.



Is Hollywoodbets reliable?

So far, Hollywoodbets have proven they can be trusted given the record. The platform has a license with Limpopo Gaming Board, KwaZulu-Natal Gaming Board, Eastern Cape Gambling Board, Gauteng Gambling Board, Mpumalanga Economic Regulator, Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, and National Gambling Board. With all these licenses from these different bodies, it is enough proof that the platform is here to stay. All these bodies have scrutinized the platform well enough to see they are fit to run betting operations.

What other bonus Hollywoodbets are there?

There are numerous bonus Hollywoodbets available away from the welcome bonus. These bonus Hollywoodbets include soccer bonus bonanza, soccer money back, refer a friend and get a R50 bonus, and a lot more. All these bonus Hollywoodbets give existing users some form of leverage to increase their chances of winning. To get acquainted with some of the terms and conditions attached to the bonus, go to the promotions section of the page.

What to do if I don't get the Hollywood bets bonus after registering?

Ideally, upon registration and verification, you should be awarded your Hollywoodbets bonus for new users. However, on some rare occasions, some bettors fail to get theirs. If you have such problems, all you have to do is reach out to customer care to get it sorted.

What are the different Hollywoodbets customer care channels?

If you are having any issue whatsoever, maybe regarding the Hollywoodbets bonus, customer care should be your next stop. Here are the different customer care channels available at Hollywoodbets:

Phone: 087-353-7634

Email: [email protected]

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Hollywoodbets provides a reasonable range of withdrawal options to explore. Some of the withdrawal channels include Instant Money, ABSA Cash Send, FNB eWallet, NedBank Send-email, MobiMoney, etc. All of these withdrawal channels listed above have a minimum withdrawal request set at R100. It would also suffice to note that there is a daily withdrawal limit set at R3000 and a monthly limit set at R25000.

How to place a bet on soccer at Hollywoodbets?

To place a bet at Hollywoodbets, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official Hollywoodbets website
  2. Login to your account by entering the Username and Password at the top of the page
  3. Deposit the amount sufficient to place your bet
  4. Select soccer on the offerings below
  5. Look through the numerous competitions offered
  6. Take your picks by clicking on your preferred selection per game
  7. Once you are done taking your picks, click on the betslip icon by the bottom of the screen
  8. Enter your stake
  9. Click on a place bet

Welcome bonus Hollywoodbets

Overall Summary

Hollywoodbets is one of the top betting platforms in South Africa that has won the hearts of citizens as a result of their quality service. The betting site has a lot of strengths that make it stand out. For one, it features a simple design with only two base colors, purple and white. The simple design added with the good color combination aids easy navigation on the site. From just opening the home page, you can get a glimpse of what the site offers without having to click through too many buttons.

It is also quite exciting that there are numerous Hollywoodbets bonus offers that you can take advantage of. These Hollywoodbets bonus offers are not just limited to the ones available for new users, but also existing users as well. Bettors had to sample these bonuses to give them an upper hand at winning because they tend to spend less.

One aspect that we can't leave out is how wholesome the betting markets at Hollywoodbets are. There is an understanding that there is a wide range of bettors visiting the platform, and such a need for the provision of a wide range of betting markets. It is this understanding that fuelled Hollywoodbets' resolve to provide markets on not just sports but casinos, lucky numbers, and a lot more. Having all these options at your fingertips, it is rare to find it boring at this betting site.

The range of payment options is also particularly impressive. It is always exciting for a bettor to know that they are not just stuck to using a handful of payment options. This is because, in the event of any glitch with one payment option, there are others to try out.

What could be improved on

While Hollywoodbets scores some points in some areas, there are areas that need to be improved upon. The speed of the site tends to be an issue sometimes. Sometimes, navigating the site can be slow which clamps down on the betting experience. Also, the limit set on withdrawals can be discouraging for high-rollers especially.

This could turn them away from the platform seeing as there is a limit to how much they can cash out from the platform at specific times. This is something that needs to be worked on to make the site more attractive for high-rollers.

Save for the minor faults associated with the platform, Hollywoodbets is one betting platform in South Africa that we highly recommend. We rate it 90%.