Few Liverpool players polarise opinion quite like Reds skipper Jordan Henderson.

For some he is a vital component of Jürgen Klopp's midfield. A player who sacrifices himself week in, week out for the good of the team. A leader who brings out the best of those in front of him.

Yet for others Henderson is limited. He slows down attacks with sideways passing and he isn't on the same wavelength – or if someone was being harsh, ability level – as many his of his teammates.

But which camp is right? Well we attempted to find out in this week's episode of Three Minute Myths.

We were at Anfield on Saturday to watch Liverpool dispatch Cardiff City with relative ease. But before the game we spoke to Reds fans about Henderson and asked them if he was good enough for a team with ambitions to win the Premier League and the Champions League.

After that, we did what we always do: we put the debate to the numbers. And the results were something of a surprise and will be music to the ears of Henderson's detractors.

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