Grand National 2022 Ante Post Tips: What worked for Grand National 2022

If you made use of our Grand National 2022 ante post tips prior to the race this year, we hope that they served you well. Of course, there are no more Grand National 2022 tips to speak of now that the race is all said and done. However, we figured we’d keep the party going and have a recap of the top Grand National tips for 2022. After all, some of the tips will have made quite a few punters very happy on the day!

Grand National 2022 ante post tips – a recap

So with that said, let us run through some of the main tips that came through on the day:

grand national 2022 ante post tips

Any Second Now – each way

Given that many bookmakers were paying out on up to six places for the Grand National, this was one of the most successful Grand National 2022 ante-post tips of them all. Any Second Now was within the top five favourites at most bookmakers. And while many were tempted to shoot for this horse to win, the each way wager seemed to be ‘safest’ – if there is such a thing in horse racing! Of course, Any Second Now finished second behind Noble Yeats in the 2022 event.

Delta Work – each way

Much like Any Second Now, many of the Grand National 2022 ante post tips pointed to Delta Work grabbing the win. This horse was in magnificent form ahead of the Grand National, and at 10/1 pre-race, this seemed a solid wager. Sadly, if you backed Delta Work for the win, your bet wouldn’t have pulled through. But again, with so many bookies paying out on extra places, putting Delta Work as an each way wager is a play that came through on race day.

Fiddlerontheroof – each way

Fiddlerontheroof was one of the less likely runners to pull through and grab the win for the Grand National. However, at 12/1 odds, Fiddlerontheroof wasn’t all that far away from challenging Noble Yeats for victory. This horse managed to secure a fifth-place finish in the 2022 Grand National, making an each-way wager on Fiddlerontheroof one of the best Grand National 2022 tips of them all. Many punters enjoyed a win in this specific market, and this could well prove to be another good call for the 2023 event (more on this later).

The ultimate result – Noble Yeats for the win

Who could forget the fairytale ending to Sam Waley-Cohen’s career? The man who primarily works as a dentist managed to take Noble Yeats to victory at the Grand National. And if you decided to back this horse after looking at any of the Grand National 2022 ante post tips, you’d have scored a payout of 50/1. Although this wasn’t viewed as impossible prior to the race, it was certainly seen as unlikely. However, as we all now know, of all the Grand National tips 2022, this was the golden egg!

Best Grand National 2022 ante post tips from top three bookmakers

Now that we’ve given you a breakdown of the most successful Grand National 2022 ante-post tips from this year’s event, let us quickly run through the bookmakers that allowed you to follow up on such tips.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power was one of the main bookmakers that people flocked to for the Grand National 2022. These guys were providing a money back in cash up to £20 wager for all new customers. And as it happens, we expect that this bonus might be repeated for the 2023 Grand National. So if you missed out on registering with Paddy Power before using our Grand National tips 2022, you have plenty of time before next year!


Bet365 is obviously a major player for all forms of betting. And for the 2022 Grand National, bet365 welcomed all new signups with a handful of free bets. Bet365 was also paying out on up to six places, which is why many Grand National tips 2022 were executed on this platform.

William Hill

William Hill is another bookmaker that excels in the horse racing department. These guys delivered on many exciting aspects, including the £30 welcome offer. Beyond that, William Hill had amazing ante-post odds, HD streaming, extra place payouts, and so much more!

grand national 2022 ante post tips

Grand National 2022 tips that could apply to the 2023 event

If you start browsing through various pundits' tips for Grand National betting ahead of the 2023 event, amazingly, there is plenty available already. This then begs a rather intriguing question. Of the many Grand National 2022 ante post tips that we provided, could any of them repeat and be used again for the 2023 race? We certainly believe so, and we can give you the scoop on these tips right now:

Noble Yeats – 20/1

Although many people might have missed out on Noble Yeats for the Grand National 2022 ante post tips, if you’re reading this – you won’t miss out again! Noble Yeats’ victory at the 2022 race was seriously impressive. And whenever a horse wins the event, there is obviously a chance that it could repeat the achievement. Right now, Noble Yeats has odds of 20/1 in the ante-post markets.

Any Second Now – 25/1

There is a major reason why we are supplying you with this tip. Of course, Any Second Now finished second in this year’s Grand National. However, in 2021, the horse finished third. In 2022, the horse finished second. So if we were working from prime indicators, logic might say that the next finish would be a win. And at 25/1, this would be a great ante-post wager to make.

Lord Lariat – 50/1

Lord Lariat managed to scoop another victory at the Irish Grand National this year. Bear in mind that the Irish Grand National is also a hurdle event. And ahead of the 2023 Grand National, we’ve seen that Lord Lariat is on the list of participants. Obviously, Lord Lariat wasn’t listed in any Grand National tips 2022. But we are certainly suggesting a bet on this horse for 2023!