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100% First Deposit Bonus Up To R3000

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YesPlay welcome bonus May 2024: 100% first deposit up to R3000

With the YesPlay welcome bonus, new customers can get a 100% deposit bonus of up to R3000. Want to know more about that? Read on!

This article will touch on everything concerning the YesPlay welcome bonus and other offers. You'll see how it works, the terms and conditions, and ways to sign up. Besides that, you'll get an insight into what to expect during the process including possible problems you may encounter and their solutions.

What is the YesPlay welcome bonus and is there a YesPlay promo code?

YesPlay Bonuses
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100% Deposit Welcome Bonus

Up to R3000

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10% Cashback

Play YesPlay Lucky Numbers and get 10% cashback 

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50 Freebets

Bet R50 and get R50 in freebets for SA Powerball 5/50

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As mentioned earlier, YesPlay offers a welcome bonus entitling you to a 100% return of up to R3000 on your first deposit. Now, I know many welcome bonuses of this nature tend to come with a promo code. So, you're probably thinking “Does YesPlay have a welcome bonus code? And how can I get it?

The good news is this YesPlay bonus requires no promo code. All you need to do is fulfill the wagering requirements. For example, you must deposit at least R20 and wager it 7 times within 7 days. Then, you can claim the bonus.

YesPlay welcome bonus

You'll also need to meet certain conditions like age and location stated in the terms and conditions. Overall, every South African bettor can get this bonus with or without a bonus code.

My favourite thing about this bookie’s welcome bonus is how diverse the use cases are. You can use it to wager on sports, casino games, and lucky numbers. What's more, the bonus offers the same benefits regardless of the sports or game you use it for. You just need to pay attention and abide by the specific wagering requirements of what you pick.

For example, if you decide to wager on a popular sporting event like the Premier League, you must only pick matches with odds higher than 1.9. If you do that and succeed up to 7 times before the 7-day deadline, you'll get your full bonus! Then, you can finally withdraw the money or use it as a deposit for subsequent bets.

But if it's a bet game or slot you choose to wager on, you can consider those with odds of at least 1.5. Also, only a portion of the bet will count towards the wagering requirement. Let's say you deposit R40 on a bet game, the wagering requirement is 10%. As such, only R4 will count towards the wagering requirement.

Consequently, you'll need to wager more on a bet game than for a sport. Thankfully, your initial deposit may remain to stake on games even if you fail to meet the wagering requirements and claim your bonus before expiry.

Kindly note that this offer is only valid on your first deposit. There's nothing like a YesPlay no-deposit bonus here. As such, you must first deposit after signing up to claim the bonus. Also, ensure you're not enjoying any other promotional offer while at it as you cannot utilize more than one bonus at a time.

What that means is even if a YesPlay no deposit bonus later becomes available, you cannot get both it and the welcome bonus at once. It'll be more plausible to first claim the no-deposit offer. Then maybe later, you can make your first deposit to claim the YesPlay 100% deposit welcome bonus. Attempting to claim both bonuses simultaneously will cause your disqualification and you'll end up getting neither of the two.

How to get your YesPlay bonus in three easy steps

The YesPlay welcome bonus is only available to new customers on the platform. So of course, you must sign up on the platform to get the bonus. Thankfully, signing up for this sportsbook is no big deal. The registration process is smooth and stress-free. You only need to follow the steps below and you can get your YesPlay Bonus in three counts.

Step 1 – Registration

The first step to getting the YesPlay bonus is to hit that orange button at the top of this article. You can also visit the website or launch the YesPlay app to register. Once you tap on the Sign Up button, you'll get a page asking for your details with your phone number being the first field.

Register to get YesPlay welcome bonus

Thankfully, it includes an auto-fill option where you can just sign up using your Facebook or Google account. That way, you don't need to waste time typing. The system will parse your given accounts extracting your details. Then, you can move on to the next step swiftly.

Step 2 – FICA Verification

As with all South African betting platforms, you must complete your FICA verification before you can fully participate in YesPlay. This verification is also a prerequisite for receiving the welcome bonus. But rest assured, it is no big deal either.

All you need to do is provide proof of identity like your SA ID/passport. You'll also need to submit a document that proves your residence in South Africa. For example, utility bills or bank statements not older than three months.

Once you've provided those, the bookie will take a few hours to verify them and you'll receive a confirmation email on that. Speaking of which, ensure the information you provided matches those on your documents. Otherwise, you'll be denied verification thus losing the bonus.

Step 3 – Deposit Funds

After receiving confirmation of your verification, the next thing to do is to log in and deposit funds into your account, at least R20.00. This action qualifies you for the bonus and is the final step to getting your reward.

However, remember you'll only be able to claim the bonus after fulfilling all the wagering requirements. You can check out the promotions page on the YesPlay website to see the list of all the terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, ensure you deposit via the bookmaker’s accepted methods else it will not count. Here's the list of accepted vouchers for deposit.

  • Kazang
  • Blu Voucher
  • OTT
  • 1Voucher
  • aCoin Voucher

You can also make deposits via debit/credit cards, OZOW, Zapper, Scode, Apple Pay, EFT or ATM with banks like FNB, Capitec, Absa, Ned, and Standard. If perhaps you mistakenly deposit via an unaccepted method, you can still get the bonus. You just need to make another deposit using the correct means. But, you'll need to forgo the previous one.

Note that you must send proof of payment to confirm your deposit after making it. This requirement can be annoying. However, it doesn't take much time. Once the support team has confirmed your payment, it'll be reflected in your account and you can go on to claim the bonus.

Who can claim the YesPlay welcome bonus?

The YesPlay welcome bonus is open to any new bettor who meets the criteria listed below:

  • Up to 18 years of age or older
  • A citizen or resident of South Africa
  • Ownership of a valid and fully registered South African mobile number

Other terms and conditions applicable to the welcome bonus include

  • You must have no previous account
  • You must deposit at least R20 via any of the YesPlay accepted deposit methods
  • The wagering requirement is 7 times. As such, you must stake the sum of the deposit and bonus given seven times. For example: if you deposit R30, you'll be awarded R30 making it R60 in total. R60 in seven places [7(R60)] is equal to R420. That means you must stake up to R420 before 7 days to be able to withdraw this bonus.
  • You must only stake on the games specified for the offer. These include
    • Sports Betting;
    • Live Sports;
    • Lucky numbers
    • Bet games;
    • Slots;
    • Evolution games;
    • Pragmatic Play games
    • Ezugi games
    • Any other game is not valid for the offer
  • If you're wagering on sports or bet games, you must only use those with odds of up to 1.9 and 1.5 respectively.
  • You must ensure all bets are settled before attempting to withdraw the deposit bonus. That is because only settled bets count in the wagering requirements.

Kindly note that YesPlay reserves the right to cancel the bonus if you fail to meet any of the above or engage in foul play.

Also, I noticed that although the minimum deposit required is R20, you may need to pay more depending on the payment method you use. For example, the minimum EFT deposit you can make for FNB and Capitec is R110 and R100 respectively. Meanwhile, you only need R20 if it's for Absa, Ned, or Standard Bank.

Gotten the YesPlay sign up bonus? Even more offers await!

The YesPlay sign-up bonus is not the only offer you can enjoy when you join this betting platform. Instead, it is just the starting point as there are many more in stock. What's more, it never ends as the bookie is always coming up with new promotions to entice bettors. We'll look at some of the other offers below.

1. The Drops and Win Promo

YesPlay bonus

This promo is brought to you by Pragmatic Play. You only need to participate actively in the qualifying games to be eligible for a win. And what's more, there's no minimum bet. Just place any amount of bet you can afford on a qualifying casino game like Slot, Blackjack, and Megawheel. You never know! You just might be among the bettors to benefit from the millions worth of instant bonuses and free bets!

2. Loyalty Cashback Bonus

This promotion offers you a 10% cashback on all bets with losses above R100 in the previous week. It takes place every Monday and you only need to be a loyal customer to qualify. The only downside is you must wager the bonus at least three times before you can withdraw it. Also, any loss with odds below 2.0 is inapplicable.

3. Referral Bonus

YesPlay offers a referral bonus of R50 for every friend you successfully refer to the platform. You can either withdraw this bonus or use it to bet on any sport or game you choose.

However, your friend must first fulfill all the requirements before you can get the bonus. So once you refer someone, ensure you follow through with the complete registration process. He or she has to deposit at least R20 and wager up to R250 for you to get your reward.

Issues with the YesPlay bonus? – Get help here

It is not unusual to encounter an issue while trying to get the YesPlay Bonus. Some issues may be due to network glitches or bad service. Others may be due to negligence on your part.

For instance: if you already have a YesPlay account, you'll likely encounter issues creating another since it is not allowed. What you should do is try logging in to your account by inputting your mobile number. Then, click “forgotten password” to have a new one sent to your phone.

Besides that, ensure any document or proof of payment you're sending is clear to avoid unnecessary delay. Also, feel free to reach out to customer support once you encounter a roadblock especially if you're not sure of the problem.

Even I had an issue with my first deposit and had to reach out to customer support service. Thankfully, they were quite helpful in resolving the issue. I only had to send a clearer copy of my proof of payment and my deposit began to reflect.

For you, it might not be a deposit issue. Perhaps, you have another sign-up offer query like why your FICA verification is taking too long. Or alternative documents you can use as proof of residence. Whichever query you have or problem you encounter, you can

  • Reach out to them via Live Chat;
  • Email them via [email protected]; or
  • Call them at +27 21 200 5992.

YesPlay welcome bonus final review

I have to say reviewing the YesPlay welcome offer was a smooth experience. The platform offers one of the quickest registration methods in South Africa. You can sign up via your verified Facebook or Google account. No need to go through the stress of supplying tons of details!

Although I feel like the website's design could be better, it is user-friendly and works well. Besides, its simplicity could be a charm for some especially as the fewer icons make it more understandable.

When it comes to wagering requirements, I like that it isn't restricted to just sports betting and casino games. You have other options to pick from like Net games, Live games, and Lotto. Speaking of Lotto, the platform offers over 100 lucky numbers to pick from around the world daily. All these go to show that YesPlay is a reliable sportsbook to register on.

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YesPlay Welcome Bonus FAQ

The welcome bonus offer on YesPlay includes a 100% deposit return of up to R3000. Terms and conditions apply!


You can get your welcome bonus on YesPlay by registering on the YesPlay app or site. After that, you can verify your identity. Then, make a deposit of at least R20 to claim the bonus.

You can withdraw your YesPlay sign-up bonus into your account once you’ve verified it. Third-party accounts are not allowed. Thus, ensure you submit an account that’s in your name. Once you’ve verified your account,

  • Navigate to your wallet in the menu.
  • Tap “Make Withdrawal”.
  • Enter the necessary details and click submit.

Currently, YesPlay doesn’t offer a no-deposit bonus. Keep your eyes on their promotion page. Perhaps, there might be a YesPlay no deposit bonus in the future.