Fred Transfer Fee: Full Details of the Fenerbahce Deal

Breaking news – an official Fred transfer fee has been agreed between Man Utd and Turkish side, Fenerbahce. This offer has come somewhat out of the blue for many football fans, as no huge rumours were circulating regarding Fred and a connection with Fenerbahce. However, we must work with the facts when dealing with the summer transfer window, and the fact here is that Fenerbahce has approached Man Utd to sign the Brazilian midfielder.

Fred Transfer Fee

Therefore, if the deal goes through, it seems that the list of Man Utd transfer targets might just need updating as we move into the final weeks of the summer transfer window. Anyway, that’s a subject that we will need to monitor closely, and more information will be shared as this area develops. But back to the matter at hand – Fenerbahce has approached Man Utd with an official offer to sign Fred, and I’ve got all you need to know about this deal right here.

Fenerbahce and the Recent Fred Transfer Fee – The Ins and Outs Explained

News surrounding this deal broke in the early hours of Friday morning, August 11th. As a result, we are still working with very fresh information concerning this deal, which means specifics of the contract are yet to be made public. However, for all intents and purposes, Fenerbahce wants to sign Fred, and initial reports indicate that Man Utd has already accepted the Fred transfer fee that’s been offered. Let me give you the scoop right now.

Fred’s Contract Status at Man Utd

As with any deal that goes through during the transfer period, a player’s contract status is always a point of concern – for both clubs involved. Anyway, in the case of Fred, he still has an existing contract at Man Utd which runs until the end of the 2023/2024 season. Additionally, he has been at the club since June 2018, a time at which he signed a five-year deal with the club that was extended in December 2022.

Market Value for Fred

According to various estimates as to the market value of the 30-year-old midfielder, most sources put his market value in the region of €12 million to €21 million. And as you’ll soon find out when I share the details of the Fred transfer fee below, Man Utd has received an attractive offer based on these figures.

The Official Fred Transfer Fee

As of the most recent data that we have, Fenerbahce has made an offer of £13 million for Fred. This is approximately €15 million, which is in the middle of the range mentioned above. Yet while this is fair from a Man Utd standpoint, the fact that they signed Fred for £47 million just five years ago will no doubt sting.

Likelihood of Success – Strong

Here is where things start to look pretty promising if you are a Fenerbahce fan. Based on reports from trusted media sources, Man Utd has accepted the £13 million bid for Fred. Furthermore, Ten Hag has already told Fred that he won’t have a huge role in the first team for the 23/24 season. So with that in mind, and especially since the Fred transfer fee has been accepted, one would accept this deal to go through.