Fred transfer: Most memorable Man Utd moments

Have you monitored the latest developments regarding the Fred transfer fee that was accepted by Man Utd? If not, you should know that the 30-year-old midfielder, who has been at Man Utd since 2018, looks set to depart. The club that has put forward the fee is Fenerbahce, and if Fred passes his medical, he will be making the move to Turkey. Of course, some fans might have predicted that Fred would leave given his role at the club.

Fred Man Utd

Yet for others, Fred may still have had a pivotal role in the upcoming seasons for Man Utd. Anyway, putting personal views on that matter aside, I figured now was a good opportunity to look back at Fred’s best moments at Man Utd. After all, he’s played at the club for more than five years, and there has been no shortage of pretty awesome moments involving this Brazilian.

But what exactly are Fred’s most memorable Man Utd moments? Have you got any in mind? If not, let me reveal my three favorites as we take a fond look back at his career as a Red Devil.

Most memorable Fred moments at Man Utd

With such a long and in my opinion, prosperous career at Man Utd, Fred has been at the center of some huge moments for the club. And as promised, I’d like to take a look back at these three moments so that we can all remind ourselves of what this man achieved when wearing a Man Utd shirt. 

Goal vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – Premier League – September 2018

As you will no doubt recall if you are a Man Utd fan, Fred signed for the club back in June 2018 for a fee of £47 million. This was a pretty large chunk of change at the time for Man Utd, and it showed that they had great faith in Fred’s abilities. Adding to that, the club wouldn’t need to wait very long before Fred made an impact. On September 22nd, 2018, Fred netted his first goal for the club in a 1-1 draw against Wolves. The goal itself was okay, but it’s the fact that this was his first goal in a Man Utd shirt that makes it a special moment.

Goal vs Leeds United – Premier League – February 2022

We all know about the rivalry between Man Utd and Leeds, and this game in February 2022 was as spicy as we all expected. This was a heated match that resulted in plenty of great moments, and the final score finished 4-2 for Man Utd. However, this was a game where Fred stood out, and he linked up perfectly with Sancho before hammering the ball into the top of the net. Not only did Man Utd award this strike the ‘goal of the game’, but it put Man Utd 3-2 ahead of Leeds at the 70-minute mark. 

Of course, Man Utd then went on to score one more, but Fred’s sensational finish certainly turned this important match in favor of Man Utd.

Goal vs Barcelona – UEFA Europa League – February 2023

There was something about the month of February that seemed to transform Fred into a bit of a beast. And I say that because my third and final one of Fred’s most memorable Man Utd moments came in February 2023 against Barcelona. This time around, Fred hit home the equalizer that provided Man Utd with the opportunity to take down Barcelona in a 2-1 victory. On the edge of the box, Fred received the ball and instantly pulled the trigger – finding the bottom corner and putting things level in the game, and on aggregate.

The cherry on top is that his fellow countryman, Antony, then scored the winner to take Man Utd through.